British jihadi with ISIS: ‘People love to see heads on spikes’

jihadi1Earlier today, I reported that ISIS militants are now beheading children simply because they’re Christian.  Catholic Online said that part of the reason ISIS’ actions are so outrageous is that these creatures enjoy murdering innocent people.

Now comes word of one jihadist from the UK, who proves this assertion correct.  According to the UK Daily Mail:

A British ISIS fighter poses gleefully in front of a decapitated soldier strung up and murdered in Syria.

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Abu Abdullah Al-Habashi, 20, who fled the UK for the Middle East nine months ago, has ‘no sympathy’ for the executed man and said ‘people love to see heads on spikes’.

The Daily Mail said that up to 500 British Muslims are believed to be in the region, with as many as half joining forces with ISIS.

He’s also urged other British jihadis to join the fight with ISIS:

Remember, these are people who gleefully murder children, including 40-day-old infants.  Calling them animals is an insult to animals.


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