Britain; Rapper’s gay slur deemed ‘provoking terrorist acts’

tyler-yellowAs any language nerd will tell you, the likes of Latin and Sanskrit are dead. However, modern languages are live, and like everything else that’s alive, modern tongues often change, morph and mutate.

Case in point; the words faggot (fagot) and fag. Both words still used in common conversation in certain English-speaking nations, yet they are now often looked upon as not only a derogatory word in reference to homosexuals, but the British government now considers the mere utterance of the words in a negative connotation to be a provocation of “terrorist acts” as reported by the Breitbart.com news portal and also ABC Online (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), both on Aug. 27, 2015.

Just a few generations ago, the word “faggot” was widely understood to be a small bundle of sticks; “fag” is still widely used in Great Britain and Ireland as slang for either a singular cigarette or for dreary work. Even in referencing the Fascisti Axe of old which depicted a handful of sticks bound together for strength while securing an axe head, this particular totalitarian movement’s name originates from the ancient Latin word “facus” (bundle of wood).

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However, a California rapper who goes by the stage name of “Tyler The Creator” has been forced to cancel a tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland due to his liberal usage of the insulting “f-bomb” in two of his previous albums. In a grammatically-challenged statement, the rapper’s manager released the following:

Tyler has been banned from entering the UK for somewhere between 3 to 5 years per a letter from the secretary of state for the home department of the United Kingdom. The letter specifically cites lyrics he wrote 6-7 years ago for his albums bastard and goblin – the type of lyrics he hasn’t written since… highlights from the letter include that his work ‘encourages violence and intolerance of homosexuality’ and ‘fosters hatred with views thats seek to provoke others to terrorist acts..’

Yet Mr. The Creator defended his using the descriptive insult as no insult whatsoever. “I’m not homophobic” he claimed, “I just say faggot and use gay as an adjective to describe stupid [censored].” It was also noted that band member Sydney Bennett, who goes by the nom de musique of “Syd Tha Kyd” was…


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