Bristol Palin hammers atheist Richard Dawkins for saying 9/11 hijackers not evil

9-11attackEarlier this month, atheist biologist Richard Dawkins told an Irish media outlet he doesn’t believe the Islamic terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attack were evil people, but rather, simply following their faith, doing what they believed to be right, moral and just.

This didn’t sit too well with Bristol Palin, who hammered Dawkins in a blog post, and in so doing, proved she has a better understanding of the terrorists than Dawkins.

“I’m interested in the cases where religion actually moves people to do horrible things … although they themselves might not be horrible people, they might be actually very righteous people,” Dawkins told Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) host Gay Byrne. “They believe they’re doing right.”

“I think the 9/11 hijackers all sincerely believed that they were doing the right and proper moral, religious thing,” he added. “They were not in themselves evil. They were following their faith — and faith is pernicious because it can do that to people. It can do that to otherwise decent people.”

Palin responded:

Regardless of your religious beliefs or lack thereof, it’s absolutely ludicrous to say that men who chose to train for years with the sole aim to kill as many people as possible are somehow not evil.  I would say their actions are the very definition of evil.

It is an incredibly dangerous thing to downplay the motives of the hijackers or try to normalize them. They were not normal men.  They were radicalized jihadists.  And, yes, their actions were evil.  If their actions are not evil, then one cannot even fathom something that would actually be evil.

She wasn’t finished:

This is the problem with radical atheists like Richard Dawkins. Their agenda is to attack people of all faiths. And Dawkins has to fit even something as obviously evil as the terrorist attacks on 9/11 into his own radical agenda.

So the radical atheist ends up defending the radical jihadists, because according to his crazy ideas, they aren’t evil – they were just brainwashed.

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This is an extreme misunderstanding and underestimation of our dangerous terrorist enemies.

She went on to give Dawkins the scolding he deserves as only she can.  It’s worth the read.

A post at the Right Scoop put it this way:

Let’s put it another way – basically what Dawkins is saying is that they’re not evil, and it isn’t their fault that they targeted and murdered innocent people because they were just following orders from their religion.

Pop quiz: Who else said they were simply following orders?  If you said followers of Hitler, you’d be absolutely correct.


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