Brezler May Be Kicked Out of the Corps for Same Violation as Hillary> But his reason was at least a good one

As of today’s decision by the FBI not to recommend charging Hillary Clinton, we thought it time to remind people of the difference between the Clintons and the peons in the rest of the world. Marine Reserve Major Jason Brezler was investigated for “mishandling of  classified information” when he sent an email to Afghanistan over an imminent threat.

The Corps threatened to kick him out and indeed ruled in November that he was to be discharged. The action is currently on hold until after a lawsuit gets through court.

Major Jason Brezler with children in Afghanistan. Photo by Cpl Zachary Nola, USMC


Previously in August of 2015,

Major Jason Brezler is a decorated Marine who has been deployed overseas 4- that’s FOUR- times. He sent an urgent email to FOB Delhi in Now Zad, Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2013. That email advised the men on the other end that the Afghani police chief, Sarwar Jan,  was an immediate threat. He believed the file he sent had probably been declassified some time before. It was not.

The person on the other end of the email at first did not respond to it. When he did, it was relatively certain that he viewed it as a breach of security rather than a notification of imminent threat.

Sarwar Jan had been investigated previously when Brezler was in Afghanistan. He still had the file available and uploaded it to the officer.

That corrupt police chief brought an Afghan teen (along with several others) on base for his sick perversions. One teen shot three Marines to death as they worked out in the gym on base. All because no one paid attention to the email.

Jason Brezler’s good-hearted attempt to save the lives of fellow Marines failed because of a rule. A rule that Hillary Clinton has broken more times than we can count – photo via PoliticalInsider

Something is wrong with this picture

According to the Marine Corps Times, Marine veteran Rep Duncan Hunter approached Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in December, asking for the FBI to be given the investigation and for any NCIS records on Sarwar Jan. He was told that it would be “improper” for Carter to make any comments.

An investigation into the murders at FOB Delta,  according to the Marine Corps Times, provided little information on Sarwar Jan, and no one could find any “evidence of human trafficking,” or sexual abuse of boys. Was that the usual appeasement of Afghani officials?

In March of 2016, the Corps agreed to delay Brezler’s discharge for 8 months while a lawsuit wends it way through the court system.

Hillary skates

So Hillary skates while a US Marine who was desperately trying to SAVE lives with his classified email (that he didn’t know was still classified) sits on the edge of losing his Marine Corps career.

Clinton gets no punishment whatsoever for her emails when she should have known (and likely did) they were classified? She was the  Secretary of State, for crying out loud.

Brezler did what he did in an attempt to protect his fellow Marines. If the FBI had actually been given the investigation as requested, would they have cleared him because there was no “intent” on his part?

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