Brevard County Commissioners: Your Rights Don’t Stop Because You Go to Work

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Screenshot of Brevard County Commissioners via mynews13

Viera, Florida – Brevard County must be in a different time zone than everywhere else in the country. On Tuesday night, the County Commissioners voted 5-0 to allow concealed carry permit holders to bring their guns to work.  Finally, county commissioners with a little faith in their employees.

“I have faith in our county employees to act responsibly.” John Tobia, Brevard County Commissioner

The policy change takes effect immediately. Any of the county’s 2,200 employees that hold a concealed carry permit may bring the gun or taser to work, but A) must retain control of the weapon at all times, B) must keep it concealed, and C) may not leave it in an unoccupied county vehicle.

There are some exceptions, according to SpaceCoast Daily.

The new policy does not include the offices of the clerk of courts, tax collector, supervisor of elections, property appraiser or Brevard Public Schools employees.  The Brevard County courthouses are off limits, and no firearms will be permitted at county commission meetings, the jail, or polling places. Those rules are standard all over the nation.

Brevard County Sheriff says he supports the policy, according to Florida Today. Media also reorted that the commissioners initially wanted to table the proposal in order to clarify some of it, but when it came time to vote, they voted 5-0 in favor.

The change reflects an about-face on county policy, which previously banned firearm being carried by any county civilian employee. The move required the commission to amend the existing policy, according to mynews13.

“These are law-abiding citizens. For one reason or another, this previous county commission had said they don’t deserve the right to have their gun at work. I disagreed with that, and thankfully, this board changed that policy.” John Tobia


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