BREAKING: Soros-Funded DA Alvin Bragg CAUGHT HIDING Nearly 600 Pages of Exculpatory Evidence from NY Grand Jury in Trump Case (VIDEO)…..Meanwhile,

AS the evisceration of “equal justice under the law” has become the “law” of the land, the Dem Mafia is more than pleased to shred its core basis. After all, the Machiavellian principle, that is, “the ends justifies the means”, is more than an idiom from yesteryear. Rather, it is their guidepost and underlying basis for every move they make. Every single one.

AND if anyone still doubts said analysis, well,

INCONTESTABLY, to shore up said truths, the following is beyond proof of the same:

AS such, those who are incapable, or unwilling, to recognize what’s what, they will pay the price for whatever awaits. In other words, be careful what you wish for.


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