BREAKING….Picture of Boeing 777 flying low over the jungle just after Flt 370 disappeared!!!

article-2583807-1C655E2800000578-43_634x399There has been much interest and much speculation about what happened to Malaysia Flt 370.  It crashed, it was hijacked.  It went north, it went west.  For the first time we have a clue to where the plane went.  A Taiwanese college student found a picture of an extremely low-flying Boeing 777.  The location fits in with eyewitness reports.

A picture of a Boeing 777 flying low over the jungle in Malaysia has been found from satellite pictures provided by Tomnod, that allows people to help search for the plane.  The picture was spotted by a young Taiwanese student, according to the China Times.  The picture has not yet been verified but it matches previously unreleased information from Malaysians who claim they saw a low flying plane over the North eastern part of Malaysia about the time the plane made the “U” turn.

Mystery: The image was found by an university student in Taiwan

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At least nine Malaysians, including fishermen, farmers and villagers, claimed to see lights and hear engine noise coming from the area that investigators have surmised could be part of the flight path of Malaysia Flt 370.

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