BREAKING: More Evidence Suggests China Coronavirus (COVID) Outbreak May Have Come from Military Bioweapons Research Accident + President Who Questioned Covid Vaccines Found Dead: GLOBALISTS VS FREE-THINKING POPULISTS [VIDEO]

BACK in the day, actually, a mere year ago, this writer put forth several analyses which sent shock-waves throughout the internet. So much so, upon publication, radical leftists enamored with all things China-related went nuts. The vile missives…

INDEED, the notion that the CHI-COMS would unleash a worldwide pandemic through bio-terrorism — some have suggested it may have been an ‘accident’ — well, that’s just the stuff of a feverish imagination: mine!!

AND so on….

ALAS, one could be forgiven for thinking that a top Chinese virologist — who conducted research  out of the WUHAN lab and elsewhere throughout China — would know a thing or two about what’s what.

BUT never mind….

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THE GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Joe Hoft | March 22, 2021

There is more evidence today that confirms what we suspected one year ago – that the China coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan likely came from a bioweapon accident. 

We reported nearly a year ago in April that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the epicenter of the China coronavirus:

We also knew by April that the China coronavirus did not come from a wet market in Wuhan:

Now today it’s being reported that the China coronavirus was likely accidentally released in Wuhan during military research on bioweapons:

A FORMER lead investigator at the State Department says he believes the coronavirus was accidentally release as a result of research done by the Chinese military into bioweapons.

David Asher, a former Department of State employee who oversaw the task force into the coronavirus’ origins, said he believes the virus not only came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but that it also may have been a bioweapon potentially used by the People’s Liberation Army.

We really don’t know if it was an accident or not.  It is just as likely that the evil regime released the coronavirus in China to prevent having to comply with the trade deal with the United States.  The Chinese possibly could have released the virus to prevent the US from getting way ahead of their economy.  Instead, China brought the entire world economy down.

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Democrat Congressman Accused of Stashing $250K in Chinese Bank (Video)

QUESTIONS anyone, that is, re the nexus between the DemocRAT Mafia in general and China Joe in specific ala the Biden Crime Family??

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