Bowhunting M-16 Sharpsooting, Skydiving Soldier Runs for Miss America


When you think of Miss America, you don’t think of motor cycle racing, auto mechanics, skydiving, sharpshooting, or bow hunting.  Yet, those activities and many more go into what makes up Miss Kansas,

She’s a redneck boy’s dream come true.  Theresa Vail is a bowhunter, an M-16 sharpshooter, skydiver, national guard soldier, gease monkey, and also Miss Kansas.  She’s been a motorcycle racing queen and can skin out a deer with the best of them.  And if that wasn’t enough to melt your heart, she is also devastatingly beautiful.
She is not, to say the least, your typical beauty queen contestant.  She will also differ from past and present contestants in another way.  She intends to let the whole world see her tattoos, which include the Serenity Prayer and the army’s medical insignia.  Usually contestants have their tattoos removed or covered strategically by their bathing suit.

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