Boulder City Council Skips Ballot, Moves for All Out Ban on “Assault Weapons” and Magazines

Screenshot of Boulder City Council meeting

Thanks to left wing gun control advocates, Boulder City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night for an all out ban on the possession and sale of “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines. We previously reported that the council was going to read the bill a second time, but whether it would come up for a November vote or be set in place by the council was unclear. The measure will be adopted formally at the third reading, which should take place in the next few weeks.

#Boulder approves ban on sale, possession of assault weapons https://t.co/QyoZ3VtmYe via @alex_burness

There was an allout push by anti-gun groups for the law. The law is stricter now that when the City Attorney first drafted it. If the verbiage doesn’t change, it will be adopted at the 3rd reading. As we reported previously, bump stocks must be destroyed or removed within 30 days of adoption. Magazines have to be gone by December 31.

And gun owners who previously owned the guns before the law will have to register them in a paper registration system that the police are required to keep.  The paper registration was their version of a “compromise” to mitigate the concerns over computerizing the list.  Registration is still registration, whatever the council claims.

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Some of the definitions reported by the  Daily Camera are:

All semiautomatic rifles that have the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and that have any of the following characteristics: a pistol grip or thumbhole stock; a folding or telescoping stock; or any protruding grip or other device to allow the weapon to be stabilized with the non-trigger hand.

All semiautomatic center-fire pistols that have any of the following characteristics: the capacity to accept a magazine other than in the pistol grip or any device to allow the weapon to be stabilized with the non-trigger hand.

Any firearm that has been modified to be operable as an assault weapon as defined by the city, plus any part or combination or parts designed to convert a firearm into an assault weapon.

Jon Caldara, President of the Independence Institute, a gun owner and  Boulder Resident, wrote:

“I saw the hate last weekend as gun owners peacefully waived signs along Broadway protesting the council’s bigotry. They were greeted with Boulderites’ middle fingers and f-bombs, even to the woman who carried the sign, “If Boulder was registering Muslims, I’d be protesting too.”

Gun owners in Boulder are feared, ridiculed, separated, unwelcomed, soon to have their property turned contraband or forced to place themselves on a government watch list.

The message couldn’t be more clear: Gun owners, kindly leave our lily-white, homogeneous town. You scare us.”

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