Liberal Boston Globe columnist: I want Donald Trump to fail ‘spectacularly’

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Scratch a liberal, find a hypocrite.  On Tuesday, Boston Globe columnist Michael A. Cohen penned a hate-filled screed declaring in no uncertain terms that he wants President-elect Donald J. Trump to fail.  Spectacularly.

“I don’t want Trump to succeed. I want him to fail spectacularly,” he said.

“I say this not because I don’t accept the outcome of last week’s election or because I don’t recognize him as my president. Trump won fair and square and will be the president for at least the next four years,” he added as a disclaimer.  Or as a second thought.

He continued:

But make no mistake — success for Trump would be a disaster for America. If his campaign promises are to be taken at face value, his success would mean that tens of millions of Americans may lose health care insurance. It would mean a step back on fighting climate change that could have a catastrophic, even apocalyptic effect on the planet. It would mean a shredded social safety net and little federal attention to voting restrictions and structural racism in America’s criminal justice system. It would mean global instability and a weakening of American’s leadership role in the world. It would mean acquiescence to an assertive Russia and a weakening of the international institutions that help to maintain global order. It would mean disastrous trade wars and a domestic agenda that would do more to harm the people who voted for Trump than help them. It would mean mass deportation — and a humanitarian catastrophe — for millions of undocumented immigrants.

In other words, Trump would reverse the damage liberals like Barack Obama have visited upon America.

It’s clear that Cohen doesn’t get it.  Trump won to stop and reverse everything the left has done.


The rest of his screed was pretty much the same.  One could replace every word with “blah” and get more meaningful information out of it.

We get it, Cohen.  You hate Trump.  And you hate everyone who voted for him.

So where’s the hypocrisy, you ask.  That’s easy.

Remember when Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Obama failed?  The left went absolutely bananas.

Discussing how Eugene Robinson said he wants the new President to fail, Limbaugh noted:

I got hammered by the Drive-Bys for eight years.  But don’t… I’m not complaining, don’t misunderstand.  I enjoyed it.  Every time I got hammered, it was an opportunity to explain to a new group of people what I really meant — and now, after eight years, everybody agrees with me.  “I hope he fails.”  He didn’t, and that’s why he’s been sent packing.

He succeeded in implementing his agenda.  That’s what I didn’t want to happen.  Eugene Robinson essentially says, “I hope Trump fails,” and nothing.  Crickets.  Not a tweet.  Not a series of Facebook posts.  Nobody in the Drive-By Media is raking Eugene Robinson over the coals for this kind of partisan divide.  He says, “The people chose Hillary Clinton. But it’s the electoral vote that counts, not the popular vote, so Donald Trump will be president. And no, I’m not over it.  No one should be over it. …

Of course.

As we said before — scratch a liberal, find a hypocrite.  Because liberals not only want Trump to fail;  They want America to fail — spectacularly.


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