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President Trump, having listened to his so-called trusted advisors (a.k.a. foxes in the hen-house) to tap Dr. Fauci as his go-to corona pandemic guy, must be aware, by now, of his VERY grave error in judgment — as well meaning as he is re protecting the health and welfare of American citizens. 

On a factual, non-politicized basis, the evidence is overwhelmingly the case that Fauci must be banished, post haste, from the White House. Moreover, once the ship of state is righted, the globalist-driven doc must be dealt with in the harshest of terms.

Still yet, if some still pooh, pooh the above diagnosis, well, peering herein will connect the dots, that is, if they are not immune to reality-based thinking! But, for added heft, pay attention to the “FRANKENSTENIAN” part played by Wuhan’s Dr. Shi Zhengli outed here, and, with it, Fauci’s connection thereof! And in the midst of it all, the linkages between Fauci, Gates, the WHO and the CDC reveal Harvard’s part in the pandemic — yes, that “hallowed” bastion within academia’s “Ivory Tower!” Incontestably, several of its most prominent profs — with profiteer Dr. Charles Lieber taking the lead — deserve side-by-side jail cells, never to escape their parts in making this pandemic possible! More on Lieber’s grave malevolence can be gleaned within. In brief, said excerpt nails his hide to the wall:

“I also went through the scientific article where the Australian health board working with Wuhan … genetically engineered HIV into SARS,” Boyle says. “So, that is all verified in scientific papers. In addition, it seems to me that they took that back to the [Wuhan] BSL4 and applied nanotechnology to it.

The size of the molecules are maybe 120 microns, which indicates to me we are dealing with nanotechnology. That’s [something] you need to do in a BSL4. Biological weapons nanotechnology is so dangerous, people working with it have to wear a moon suit with portable air …

We also know that one of the cooperating institutions [to Wuhan BSL4] was Harvard, and that the chairman of the Harvard chemistry department, [Dr. Charles Lieber], a specialist in nanotechnology, set up an entire laboratory in Wuhan where [according to reports] he specialized in applying nanotechnology to chemistry and biology.

My guess is, based on what I’ve read in the literature, that they tried to weaponize all that together. And that is SARS-CoV-2 that we are dealing with now.

Now, onto the major nails in Fauci’s coffin, so to speak.

THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.com By Jim Hoft April 26, 2020

Back in 2015 the NIH under the direction of Dr. Tony Fauci gave a $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology is now the main suspect in leaking the coronavirus that has killed more than 50,000 Americans and, thanks to Dr. Fauci again, destroyed the US economy.

As early as 2018 US State Department officials warned about safety risks at the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab on scientists conducting risky tests with the bat coronavirus.

US officials made several trips to the Wuhan laboratory.

Despite the warnings the US National Institute of Health (NIH) awarded a $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan lab studying the bat virus.  This was after State Department warned about the risky tests going on in the lab.

This is unbelievable!

The deadly China coronavirus that started in China sometime in late 2019 has now circled the globe.  Evidence suggests that the coronavirus didn’t come naturally.  We still don’t know whether the deadly virus was leaked intentionally or if it was an accident.
But we do know that the Chinese did attempt to market a cure for the coronavirus to the world in January after the virus began to spread.
According to the report from Wuhan the coronavirus came from either the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention or Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China.

These reports linking bats to the coronavirus started making the rounds back in January. A research paper published in the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control and Prevention determined the source of the coronavirus is a laboratory near the Seafood Market in Wuhan.

On Sunday Rudy Giuliani dropped a bomb on Dr. Fauci. Rudy scolded the NIAID Director of granting $3.7 million to the Wuhan lab that leaked the coronavirus.

And then Rudy accused the NIH of knowing more than they are leading on.



The Washington Examiner reported:

Rudy Giuliani questioned Dr. Anthony Fauci’s involvement in grants from the United States to a laboratory in Wuhan, China, that has been tied to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report, the U.S. Intelligence Community has growing confidence that the current coronavirus strain may have accidentally escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology rather than from a wildlife market, as the Chinese Communist Party first claimed. During a Sunday interview on The Cats Roundtable, Giuliani questioned why the U.S. gave money to the lab.

“Back in 2014, the Obama administration prohibited the U.S. from giving money to any laboratory, including in the U.S., that was fooling around with these viruses. Prohibited! Despite that, Dr. Fauci gave $3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory — even after the State Department issued reports about how unsafe that laboratory was, and how suspicious they were in the way they were developing a virus that could be transmitted to humans,” he claimed.

He added, “We never pulled that money. Something here is going on, John. I don’t want to make any accusations. But there was more knowledge about what was going on in China with our scientific people than they disclosed to us when this first came out. Just think of it: If this laboratory turns out to be the place where the virus came from, then we paid for it. We paid for the damn virus that’s killing us.”


Alas, isn’t Fauci the Rasputin in the White House? If not, why not?

LEOHOHMANN.com April 25, 2020

President Donald Trump rode into office on a promise to make America great again, and he delivered on that promise by puting “America first.”

Those who voted for Trump welcomed his plan to eliminate job-killing regulations, which proved wildly successful in restoring America to energy independence and economic dominance.

What took him three years to build has been wiped out in a few short weeks.

The events put into motion by the government’s irrational overreaction to the COVID-19 pandemic represent a shocking reversal.

The U.S. economy has quickly shed 26 million jobs. As employment sinks, the old vices of alcohol, drugs and pornography consumption, domestic abuse and suicides are all on the rise.

Whither thou goest Mr. Trump?

The president says he will “rebuild it bigger and better than before… and we’ll do it quickly.”

But even Trump’s most ardent supporters must struggle to take such statements seriously as long as he is listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the coronavirus task-force leader who shows no signs of wanting any portion of the economy to reopen anytime soon.

Fauci is right now the doctor of the perpetual lockdown.

This despite new data from a Stanford University study showing the mortality rate of COVID-19 is 0.14 percent, much lower than originally thought and no more deadly than the season flu. That explains why we have not seen anywhere near the projected death toll of more than 1 million Americans.

So, why are states continuing to stick with lockdown policies devised under the old data, and even extending the lockdowns? All roads lead to the mad doctor, Mr. Fauci, who sits on the Leadership Council of Bill Gates’s Global Vaccine Action Plan. Fauci is among the cadre of world health leaders who helped Gates lauched his “Decade of Vaccines Collaboration.”

Should it surprise anyone that Fauci has said in interviews that he believes the lockdowns should continue until some medical panacea, such as a vaccine, can be developed for the COVID-19 virus?

Fauci’s incalcitrant position has locked Trump into a difficult place.

Trump should have stuck with his initial instincts, when he was comparing the COVID-19 virus to the seasonal flu and talking about reopening America “sooner rather than later.”

As the weeks have dragged on, we’ve heard less from that President Trump and more of the Dr. Fauci-influenced Trump.

Know thy enemy

Trump seems to have lost sight of his enemy, which has always been the globalists first and the Democrats second. Fauci wears both of those titles proudly.

The antithesis of America first is global governance.

Before Trump, Brexit, the Yellow Vests and Hong Kong protests, there’s no question the world was on a path toward global government.

All of the world’s richest men, let’s call them the power elites, are invested in that outcome.

All of the major universities are invested in that outcome.

All of the Fortune 500 corporations are invested in that outcome.

We know the United Nations is invested in global government, along with the World Health Organization, World Bank, IMF, World Court, World Economic Forum, UNESCO, European Union, CFR, the Gates, Rockefeller, Soros and Carnegie foundations and all major philanthropic organizations.

Globalism’s proponents include most of the world’s influential religious voices — top Islamic leaders, the Dalai Lama, the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, and Pope Francis.

The pope said humanity “should obey the United Nations” and other international institutions. [See Catholic New AgencyFull text of Pope Francis in-flight press conference from Madagascar to Rome, Sept. 11, 2019]

The false prophets of globalism woo us with deceptive language.

They speak of  “peace and security,” of “inclusion, fraternity and respect for all.” They tout devotion to “Mother Earth.”

They tried to establish their new world order under the guise of environmentalism, greater “equality” and “sustainability.” But too many people saw through the lies, recognizing that sustainable development is really just a ruse for the concentration of power, amassing the world’s resources in the hands of a few, and reducing the choices available to average people in how they live their lives.

What you learn in school, where you will work, your ability to choose your mode of transportation, how you buy goods and services and how you receive medical care are just some of the choices these elites want to make for you. The individual must never be allowed to think for himself.

Although a large segment of young people have been conditioned to accept the new “sustainable” lifestyle, there are still too many folks who find no appeal in living in a tiny apartment on a mass-transit hub with little to nothing to call their own – no car, no furniture, no land, reduced access to air travel, no long-term relationships with a doctor of their choice, absorbing ever-increasing taxes and utility rates.

Those who oppose Trump see him, rightly, as an obstacle to achieving the newly ordered sustainable society, as laid out for us by the U.N.’s 2030 Agenda and New Urban Agenda, the slogan for which is “no one will be left behind.”

That’s right. They’re coming after us — those of us who want to be left behind by their new world order.

“We need action from everyone, everywhere,” said Ban Ki-Moon, former UN Secretary General in announcing the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals in 2015.

The ushering in of this brave new world requires the creation of a new kind of citizen, a global citizen.

Public schools and universities obeyed their masters and jumped into action, promoting global citizenship over American citizenship.

Since kids are not attending government schools amid the COVID-19 crisis, they might, God forbid, fall back under the influence of their parents and grandparents.

The American Library Association is worried about that.

The ALA posted an article by April Griffith on its website April 15, Ready-to-Go Story Times for Earth Day 2020, on how the COVID-19 crisis should be used as an opportunity to indoctrinate children on global citizenship, or at least keep the indoctrination coming during this time of quarantine.

The article states:

“Children have fertile minds in which we can plant ideas about what it means to be a responsible global citizen; how each of our actions add up; and how those actions work together to shape the world. This [lockdown] is a unique opportunity to instill resilience in our youngest patrons and prepare them for the challenges of climate change that lay ahead.”

But in the age of Trump and Brexit and Yellow Vests, not enough progress was taking place toward the U.N.’s sustainable-development utopia. Trump resisted almost every program and plan needed to finish the job of making America a third-rate nation that could flow with the wave of global governance.

Trump survived several vicious attempts to remove him from office but now he is up against the deep state’s most clever, most cunning, most deceptive attack yet on his presidency.

If you can’t remove him, co-opt him.

That’s where COVID-19 comes into play.

Grigori Rasputin

Rasputin enters the White House

How the virus got out of Wuhan, China, is irrelevant at this point. The response to this virus has been completely hijacked by Trump’s enemies, the globalists, and they have reduced him to a shell of his former self.

Dr. Fauci, the deep-state actor who has wormed his way into Trump’s inner circle and now wields near total control over the president’s mind, reminds me of another sinister adviser who destroyed another great power from a century ago.

Rasputin, the evil priest-seer, penetrated the palace of Russian Czar Nicholas II. Rasputin exerted a mysterious control over the mind of the czar, leaving him confused and unable to make the correct call in dealing with his enemies, the communists.

The communists took full advantage, just as we see the Marxist-oriented governors and mayors of America are taking advantage of Trump’s ill-advised Fauci-influenced decisions.

Trump has walked right into the trap laid for him by Fauci – a surrogate for Bill Gates and the United Nations’ vaccines-for-all globalist agenda.

Exactly who is running the White House became clear when the president rebuked a like-minded Trump-supporting GOP governor – Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia – for reopening certain businesses in his state.

“I disagree with him …It’s too soon,” Trump told the nation in his daily press briefing on Wednesday, April 22. The hysterical left-wing media immediately pounced on Kemp, who to his credit has stood his ground on re-opening Georgia.

Earth to Trump: When the fake-news mainstream media takes your side, you know you just made the wrong decision.

Every day that Americans remain locked in their houses brings the nation closer to the brink of economic collapse, which will be followed by the permanent reordering of society along the lines of the Democrats’ Green New Deal [aka a Chinese-style sustainable development, top-down managed economy under a technocratic elite].

Aside from Kemp, some very conservative governors have taken their cues from Trump-Fauci.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis repeatedly dismissed the notion of imposing a statewide lockdown. But by the first week of April, he suddenly changed course after citing Trump’s “demeanor the last couple of days.”

DeSantis said it was the president’s alarm — not warnings from health officials — that finally persuaded him, according to a CNN report.

Alarmism is never a good basis for public policy. Like the climate-change “experts,” the public-health “experts” who have Trump’s ear based their policy recommendations on unscientific speculation about what would happen if we didn’t enact their draconian lockdowns.

Trump continues to repeat the now discredited projections generated by horrendously off-base computer models at the Imperial College of London and the University of Washington. These models predicted 1 to 2 million dead Americans and overwhelmed hospitals. Those numbers, which never should have been taken seriously because they were touted by the same clowns who promote climate-change hysteria, did their job. They created fear and panic in the populace.

Not to be deterred, Trump falsely credits the lockdowns for driving the projections from 2 million all the way down to 60,000. That preposterous claim has no basis in fact if you look at the timeline of the virus’s arrival in America and the dates in which the lockdowns took place.

But when Rasputin whispers, the king listens.

According to some reports, Trump originally supported Gov. Kemp’s decision to reopen Georgia. After consulting with Fauci, he changed his mind.

Conversely, Trump has offered daily praise for the leftist governors of New York, New Jersey, Washington State and California.

The left is milking this crisis like none other in modern history and Trump is failing to do what he normally is so good at doing – calling them out.

He should be focusing on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, pointing out each new violation of Americans’ God-given freedoms and civil liberties by governors gone wild.

These governors, as well as mayors like Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, are drunk with power afforded them by the lockdowns. They will hold onto the lockdowns as long as possible. Americans must not wait for the benevolence of their overlords to give back their constitutional rights. They must take them back.

The lockdowns have already wrecked the Trump economy and countless American lives, driving millions into poverty and government dependence.

The technocratic elites who planned this overreaction to a flu-like virus proved they can get political leaders to trash the Bill of Rights, literally making a mockery of its very existence.

The budding dictators have no doubt been pleasantly surprised at how easily and joyfully most Americans will go along with the shredding of the Constitution.

They will take to Facebook and shame those who want to go back to work or get a haircut: “How dare you suggest we can ever go back to normal! You must want people to die!”

At this point, even if Fauci gives his blessing for Trump to reopen the economy, we’re in too deep. You can’t just flip a switch.

People, heavily indoctrinated to fear the virus, are too afraid to return to the shops and restaurants.

And the reopenings will come with countless new rules and restrictions on human behavior.

Many of the mom and pop businesses we loved to patronize will throw up their hands in frustration. “To hell with it,” they will say. “We can’t operate under these rules. We quit.”……continue here…..

One and all, if ever a world of pain must land and visit at particular doorsteps, well, this is the moment in time! Never, ever, forget their crimes against humanity!

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