BOMBSHELL!!! Did Planned Parenthood Sell Babies Born Alive??!!!

David_Daleiden_810_500_55_s_c1In what could turn out to be the most gruesome revelation yet on the Planned Parenthood aborted baby parts scheme is that Planned Parenthood (PP) may have delivered live babies and shipped them to StemExpress.

Yesterday, we learned that StemExpress got a court order preventing Center for Medical Progress (CMP)  from releasing any videos that include employees of StemExpress.  We may now know why.  In an interview with CNN, David Daleiden told the news network that when he and his team met with StemExpress executives, they told them that they sometimes got intact dead infants.

If that is true, it would seem entirely possible that doctors were actually delivering the babies and allowed them to die before shipping them out for sale.  Daleiden says he believes that is why StemExpress was in such a frenzy to stop the airing of the tapes.

They were afraid of the legal repercussions and bad publicity involved.  If true, this would be one of the most heinous chapters in U.S. history.  This could qualify as murder, I believe.

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