Boehner goes out as a classless schmuck

Boehner and fellow RINOs McCarthy and Cantor
Boehner and fellow RINOs McCarthy and Cantor

John Boehner, the best ‘Republican’ Speaker the Democrats could have had, announced his resignation and showed himself to be a classless schmuck, bashing Ted Cruz and other Republicans on the way out. John Boehner didn’t take liberal Democrats to task for their efforts to destroy the country, he instead bashes the very conservatives who are standing up for Americans and working to save the county from ruinous progressive liberal policies.

Boehner appeared on “Face the Nation” on CBS over the weekend and classlessly referred to conservatives like Ted Cruz as the “false prophents” of the Republican Party. In addition to that, when asked specifically about Ted Cruz, surrender-caucus leader Boehner said, “I refer you to my remark at a fundraiser I made in August in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.”

The Daily Caller reported that Boehner called Ted Cruz a “jackass” during a fundraiser in Colorado back in August. Many reacted and thought the comment was beneath the office of the Speaker, which clearly it is. I could never imagine Cruz saying anything like that about Boehner, because unlike the soon to be outgoing Speaker, Ted Cruz has class and integrity.

Is America headed for a recession?

We can think this clueless schmuck Boehner for one thing, for resigning his position as Speaker of the House and letting the members of Congress that, We the People elected, to vote in a new speaker. We need to make sure that we get a Real Republican as the next Speaker, rather than a Boehner puppet from the surrender caucus such as RINO Kevin McCarthy, who could even be worse than Boehner.

If anyone in politics today should ear the name JACK, it should be Boehner himself, who has on so many occasions caved in to the Democrats. I don’t think I have to tell you what Jack’s last name is.

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