Bob Woodson blasts black leaders on Trayvon Martin

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woodson-robertBlack groups are beginning to catch on to the Democrats and Barack Obama.  The Black Chamber of Commerce, The Black American leadership Alliance, and now Bob Woodson, among many others are beginning to realize just how bad Obama’s policies have been for blacks in this country.  They are falling all over themselves for gays, Hispanic, and environmentalists, but the blacks who supported them 93-7% in 2012 are once again relegated to the back of the bus.

Bob Woodson blasted black leaders over the Trayvon Martin shooting, while ignoring the murder of Chris Lane.  Woodson, who is black himself was speaking at an RNC luncheon, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the “I Have a Dream Speech.”  Woodson said the Martin Luther King would have mourned for both of them.Woodson is the head of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprises, a group dedicated to, “The Center’s mission is to transform lives, schools, and troubled neighborhoods, from the inside out. Current programs are the Violence-Free Zone youth violence reduction program; Training and Technical Assistance for Community-Based Organizations; and Adult Financial Literacy.”


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