Blow-Back: Obama’s Shield To Islamic Regimes Primed To Erupt (Homeland Entity Report, April 2018)

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Back in 2009, not one so-called geo-strategist had a clue (or would admit) what HUSSEIN Obama’s Middle East machinations would sow, once the dust settled. On the other hand, this record was very clear: Obama Inc.’s wildfires would set the region alight to an unprecedented degree, even for the ever fiery Middle East!

More specifically, as early as 2012-2014, it was noted: With assists from HUSSEIN Obama, Iran’s mad mullahs would recruit its proxy pawns, namely, Syria’s blood-thirsty Assad; Lebanon’s Shi’ite Hezbollah, and Turkey’s Brotherhood Mafia leader, Erdogan, to set the stage for Putin to (re)enter the Middle East’s fray – as promised by Obama, once the “reset” button was turned on during his second term. Birds of an anti-American feather.

To said end, “HUSSEIN’s Mid-East Designs Come Full Circle: Hands Over Reins To Russia, Iran, And Turkey – Global Knock-On Effects” (August 20, 2016) was written. Others alike. The following are supportive excerpts:

  • Those who are familiar with the ins and outs of geo-politics understand certain basics: Though its chessboard may have various moving and fluid parts, its major pieces, in a manner of speaking, are pre-designed.
  • Moreover, fast-paced events reported on by the media as the “gospel” truth should be viewed as nothing short of political spin. Confabulated fairy tales. And it is into this netherworld that the masses view global events, as they play out in both warp speed and gory detail.
  • In this regard, this site’s geo-political (Mid East) analysis from June 2013 is as true today as it was over three years ago. Moreover, its basis is unfolding before the west’s horrified eyes, just as this Brotherhood expert “predicted.” And this is hardly an insignificant geo-political matter.
  • Thus, let’s recap a bit. Step back. Resultant, it will be easier to see from there to here. In other words, as to the why/how the heretofore superpower in the world – the lone western “policeman” in the hotter than hot jungles of the Middle East – abdicated and abandoned its footprints to the Russian Bear, Iran’s murderous Mullahs, Syria’s butcher, Assad, and Turkey’s Brotherhood Mafia leader, Erdogan.
  • In the main, it is intrinsic to recognize: The so-called reported “tussles” between HUSSEIN and Putin are little more than theater. Smoke and mirrors. In fact, under HUSSEIN’s umbrella, Russian boots train on U.S. ground. Not for nothing.
  • Yes, this relationship is part and parcel of his indelible and inextricable red/Marxist side. No doubt about it.
  • As to Iran, well, the “House of Bribes tells the horrific tale of Obama Inc.’s western betrayal. (Full Disclosure: I, Adina Kutnicki, had a hand in its compilation.) Let’s just stipulate: If NOT for HUSSEIN, Iran, the biggest exporter of worldwide terror (in competition with Saudi Arabia, but let’s not digress), would not be on course to attaining nuclear weapons status!
  • Which brings us to Turkey’s Brotherhood “made man”, Erdogan. Alas, regardless of the media’s spin that he is sparring with HUSSEINhe is one of his BFF’s. Incontestably, as recently as April 2016, they gathered at Turkey’s 100 mil plus MEGA mosque opening in Lanham, Maryland. Mind you, this Brotherhood mobbed up behemoth is in the shadow of America’s Capitol in Washington, DC, in fact, a mere 13 miles away! Did you ever? For the record, it is the largest mosque (aka Islamic “cultural” center) in the western hemisphere. G-d have mercy. To wit, does this sound like a fractured relationship between Brothers?? Come on.
  • In line with the above, bear in mind several intersecting factors. In so doing, the seemingly mind-boggling geo-political dots will start to fall into place. Wait and see…..continue reading…..

All of which brings us back to the present via the pre-designed vortex of hell that the most Islamophilic president ever (as attested to via his June 2009 apology tour to Cairo, Egypt) is responsible for. For if not for his quest to ensure that the 2015 Iran deal was signed, sealed, and delivered – and at all costs – Iran’s Hitlerite regime would hardly be in a position to overtake the Middle East through a Shi’ite land bridge, linking the nation to the Mediterranean Coast! You got that?

Inextricably, HUSSEIN Obama’s total betrayal is documented within the “House of Bribes: How the United States led the way to a Nuclear Iran.” (It is a product of: Adina KutnickiAndrea Shea KingDr. Ashraf RamelahBenjamin SmithBrent ParrishCharles Ortel, Denise SimonDick ManasseriGary Kubiak, Hannah Szenes, Right Side NewsMarcus KohanGeneral Paul E. VallelyRegina ThomsonScott SmithTerresa Monroe-HamiltonColonel Thomas SnodgrassTrevor LoudonWallace Bruschweiler, and William Palumbo.)

Demonstrably, on July 28, 2013, this record’s “opening shot” (to what is currently unfolding) was written. More than on target. Not only that, its geo-political basis was so sound that it was given a Watcher of Weasels Award, August 2, 2013. “Barack HUSSEIN Obama Acts As A Shield For Islamic Regimes: Iranian Freedom Fighters Exposed His Hand ” set the geo-political stage for what history will prove to be the underpinnings of World War 3, even if not identified as such.

The only remaining question is: This go-around, after two world wars, how many millions of innocents will have to die, but this time due to HUSSEIN Obama’s wildfires – ignited for the benefit of Islamic regimes and his red ally, Putin??

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