Bloomberg SHREDDED After Telling Americans To Let Their Pets DIE To Fight Inflation

If you’re like everyone else in the country, chances are you’re getting hit HARD by the inflation caused by Joe Biden’s reckless policies.  Well, fear no more.  Bloomberg has the solution for you.  All you need to do is eat lentils and beans, use public transportation, don’t buy in bulk and if you’re a pet owner, forget about getting expensive chemotherapy in case your dog or cat gets cancer.

In other words, let your pet die.

We’re not kidding:

To deal with gas prices, it’s worth reconsidering public transportation if it’s an option where you live. Fares are up about 8% compared with 38% for gasoline. Now may even be the time to sell your car. It certainly isn’t the time to buy a new or used one. Prices have stabilized a bit, but used-car prices are still up more than 40% from a year ago, and new ones are up 12%.

When it comes to food, don’t be afraid to explore. Prices for animal-based food products will certainly increase. Ukraine and Russia supply a significant amount of corn and barley to the world market, mainly to feed livestock for human food. Meat prices have increased about 14% from February 2021 and will go up even more. Though your palate may not be used to it, tasty meat substitutes include vegetables (where prices are up a little over 4%, or lentils and beans, which are up about 9%). Plan to cut out the middle creature and consume plants directly. It’s a more efficient, healthier and cheaper way to get calories.

If you’re one of the many Americans who became a new pet owner during the pandemic, you might want to rethink those costly pet medical needs. It may sound harsh, but researchers actually don’t recommend pet chemotherapy — which can cost up to $10,000 — for ethical reasons.

Bloomberg got shredded for this completely tone-deaf and offensive article.  Twitchy minced no words telling the outlet: “Bloomberg can SUCK IIIIIIT.”

As an owner of a rescue pup that has brought nothing but love, joy and laughter into my family, I second that motion.  With a healthy dose of STFU juice thrown in for good measure.

Twitter shredded the outlet for this insane piece:

Heh… Please, don’t give ’em any ideas…

That works for me. But will the country survive until November?

Hmmm… Thing is, by the time Biden’s finished screwing up America, it may just come to that…

Idiots propped up by stupid propaganda outlets like Bloomberg. And remember:

One commenter at Bloomberg wrote:

Please tell me, did Margaret Thatcher and Stalin have a secret lovechild that absconded to Bloomberg’s editorial team? I don’t have any other questions. This is the most interesting takeaway I have after subjecting myself to this epic, steaming pile of garbage called “writing”.

I can’t believe what I’ve just read… you bizarrely patronizing, amnesiatic, ballwashing, radioactive, faux-elitist, boot-licking, child-nauseating, billionaire-worshipping, kleptocratic vampires. This kind of writing is so awful it should be considered a hate crime.

I really need to applaud the effort. This is an impressively out-of-touch article. It’s pure, undistilled awfulness. The sheer unadulterated, unfiltered, triple-distilled contempt you have for average American is so thick it could make a twerking guide for TikTok.

Speaking of idiocy, I forgot I was paying for a subscription here. I really need to cancel my Bloomberg subscription to save money. I would prefer price controls to someone telling anyone who makes under 300k/y to walk to work and eat lentils, like $1/month for all digital news subscriptions. $1 for a can of coke/pepsi.

Just so you know, none of us poor people (those of us who weren’t smart enough to pick the high-paying job) don’t listen to your advice, Most of us probably believe you’re roughly equivalent to social terrorists. If Jersey Shore threw Grover Norquist on, bleach-dyed his hair, and just had him lecture everyone each episode, it would sound approximately one-third as awful as this article. You know, like that one time in Pamplona where they didn’t have a race and just let the bulls sh** everywhere instead.

Please delete this, fire whoever wrote it, lower your prices, and for the love of god: please, shut up.

“Please, shut up.”  We couldn’t agree more.


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Joe Newby

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