Blog notes seven similarities between Hamas and Obama

Obama-egoCan Barack Obama be compared to Hamas?  Clash Daily’s Jerry Novick thinks so, and let loose Tuesday with seven things he says show striking similarities between the two.

Novick said he was originally going to stick with just four similarities, but “remembered that mostly Conservatives read this column, and I have confidence that they have grown well past the remedial level of mind control foisted upon them by schools that are more like babysitters than bastions of knowledge.”

In fairness to Novick, I’ll post the top four.  You can go check out the other three at his page.

1. They both worship Allah: Let’s just get that one out of the way up front. Barack Obama can claim all he wants that he’s Christian, but his actions speak louder than words. Actions such as promoting how great Islam supposedly is in various speeches and declarations while leaving Christians like Pastor Saeed to be persecuted and killed all around the globe without so much as a word.

2. They both hate Israel:From opening his reign of terror to suggesting that Israel shrink its borders back to the pre-1967 lines to his recent condemnation of Israel defending itself against its enemies, Obama proves time and time again just whose side he is on. And HAMAS, well their only reason for being is to destroy the Jewish homeland.

3. They both ignore borders to sneak invaders into the country: U.S. southern border completely open – check. HAMAS terror tunnels into Israel – check.

4. They both use women and children as human shieldsFrom Obama’s zealous promotion of abortion to HAMAS’ placing rockets inside of schools and hospitals, both of these evil entities are more than willing to let their own people die to advance their cause.

Novick says he can go on, but asks, “why?”

“We need to get people to stop being passive observers to being protesters, activists, and voters. If the elections of 2012 taught us one thing, it is that sitting at home leads to disaster,” he added.
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