BLM Angry Van Driver in Freddie Gray Case Not Guilty on All 21 Counts; Riots Tonight?

Officer Caesar Goodson, a black police officer in Baltimore who drove the van in the Freddie Gray case, faced 21 administrative charges.  After not being convicted of any crimes in the criminal case, city and police officials tried to get him convicted on administrated charges and thrown off the force but that attempt has apparently failed and they have no other way to go after him again.

Goodson was charged in the way Gray was transported from his arrest to the police station.  It seems that bringing 21 charges was the same overreach the politically ambitious Marilyn Mosby used in her original criminal charges.  That could have been the downfall of the case against Goodson.  I find it hard to believe that Goodson could have possibly violated 21 different procedures, in fact I doubt there are 21 procedures in driving a police van from the arrest point to the jail.

From The Conservative Tribune

According to The Baltimore Sun, many of the charges related to the way Gray was transported. Goodson was accused of failing to ensure Gray’s safety in the back of the police van and failing to seek medical attention when Gray asked for it.

Gray had been handcuffed and his legs had been shackled when he was placed in the van after his April 12, 2015, arrest, but he wasn’t strapped into a seat belt. When the van arrived at the Baltimore police Western District station house, 25-year-old Gray was found in the back unconscious, with spinal injuries.

He died a week later.

 Gray’s death was among a string of deaths of black men at the hands of police that helped feed the Black Lives Matter movement’s narrative that American police are engaged in a racist war against minorities.

But as with the shooting of street thug Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, and the death of illegal cigarette vendor Eric Garner in New York City, the Black Lives Matter narrative ran smack into a legal system built on finding facts. And the facts in the Freddie Gray cases hardly justified the days of rioting and destruction that erupted in Baltimore after the suspected drug dealer’s death.

In all, six officers were charged in the death of Freddie Gray.  None were convicted of a single charge.  Mosby had hid exculpatory evidence from the defense attorneys, which drew the ire of the judge as did her telling the police they could not turn over any evidence they had either.

One of the more salient points was that a second prisoner in the van claimed that Gray himself was attempting to injure himself.  That would go along with information that Gray used a con whereby he would throw himself in front of a car, looking for a settlement.  He also injured himself once while in police custody and had to be taken to the hospital.  That scam failed.  Mosby withheld that information from the coroner, who might have found old injuries leading up to Gray’s death.

This should finally put an end to the Freddie Gray case once and for all.  But the question is, “Will this verdict lead to more riots by Black Lives Matter?”


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