#BlackLivesMatter supporter who said slain deputy had ‘creepy perv eyes’ arrested for assault

Monica FoyIn case you’re not familiar with Monica Foy, the white Black Lives Matter moonbat who said Deputy Darren Goforth deserved to die for having “creepy perv eyes,” go here to see what kind of lovely person she is.

It seems she’s had some “issues” for quite a while.  On Wednesday, Breitbart.com said she was arrested in her home county on an assault warrant out of Houston.  The arrest stems from an incident that took place in 2011.  According to the report, she allegedly punched a former co-worker in the face causing bodily injury.

Breitbart added:

Montgomery County jail officials confirmed to Breitbart Texas that Monica Foy was arrested on Tuesday evening for an arrest warrant out of Harris County. The warrant was for a 2011 charge of assault with bodily injury, a misdemeanor charge. She was held for several hours and then released on a $1,000 bond in the early morning hours.

According to the complaint, on August 21, 2011, Foy allegedly struck her victim “about the head and face with a closed fist several times, causing him pain and discomfort. The complainant advised during the course of the assault, his eyeglasses were knocked off his face, and the inside of his mouth was cut as a result of being punched by the defendant.”

Now she thinks Deputy Goforth deserved to be murdered.  Nice people, these liberals.

This is just one more reason for comprehensive liberal control.




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