Black Woman Accuses White Cop of Abuse…She Gets Arrested

lying liar

A woman who was stopped accused the officer who stopped her of yelling at her before drawing his gun and aiming it at her.  She said she asked him if he was going to shoot her.  The police were very nice to her and brought her in to file the complaint at the Pequannock Police Department.

She was given a seat and allowed to write down her version of the events.  And when she was done venting at the officer, they had her sign a form whereby she swore under oath that her statement was true and honest.

Then the roof fell in.  Hyacinth Peccoo was then told that the entire stop was recorded by the officer’s dash cam.  She was then arrested and placed in a cell for filing a false police report.  The ironic thing is that the officer,  had given her a break.  Instead of charging her with not stopping for a stop sign, he gave her a 26 dollar ticket for failing to change her address on her driver’s license.  That would have saved her fifty bucks and would result in no points on her license.

This has become an epidemic with blacks crying racial discrimination and filing false reports in order to beat the charges against them.  My hat is off to the  Pequannock Police Department.  If more police would charge these race baiters for their crimes, it would die down very fast.

Here is the unedited and complete dash cam video:


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