Black teen mob wreaks havoc at Texas convenience store

Black mob violence at Chevron convenience store in Byran, Texas.Black mobs are quickly becoming a major problem in cities across America. From Philly to St. Louis they ransack, rob and vandalize.

They’ve also committed random acts of violence in the “knockout game.” Their violent behavior has led to several deaths.

As in instances, of black mob robbery, they were caught on security cameras ransacking the Chevron store in Bryan, Texas. Terry Polsgrove, a store clerk, told the KBTX-TV reporter “it was just an average night before the attack.”

Polsgrove said, “it was pretty slow – I was ’bout ready to close the store. I started checking people out – had one or two customers – it got to the point where I started seeing several kids coming in.” The store’s security camera showed 30 to 40 teens swarming the parking lot.

Polsgrove, anticipating trouble, called his co-worker “to come help out – keep an eye on them.” The store had been plagued with theft in the past. Before Polsgrove and his co-worker knew it they were “ambushed.” The doors flew open and several black teens raced in, stealing merchandise and trashing the place.

Polsgrove told KBTX-TV, while watching the video about the violence:

You start seeing this young lady yelling, ‘Hey, come on in and get it! They’re giving away free stuff! They started taking everything, so I figured I’d shut the door and keep everyone separated, but as you can see I was overwhelmed.

Polsgrove is seen in the video seriously outmatched by the mob while trying to shut the doors. The ransacking lasted for 20 minutes. All five security cameras caught the black teens going crazy. They were stealing candy, food, drinks, anything they could get their hands on.

While some looted, others did a little twerking, yes that’s right twerking. Polsgrove said the blacks involved in the attack ranged from age 8 to 17. Those responsible, could be charged with theft, vandalism, organized crime and assault, according to police.

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