Black Students United Complain Cornell Enrolls Too Many Blacks

Black Students United, a student group at Cornell University, have issued a list of demands to the university and among the items is that they want fewer blacks on campus.  Yes, you heard me right.  They want fewer blacks on campus.  Not being satisfied with dividing the country along black and white lines, the black movement is now working on dividing blacks from blacks.

It seems that all blacks are not created equal in the eyes of this group.  The students are angry and claim there are too many blacks from Africa and the Caribbean. They are demanding that the university begin actively recruiting American blacks for Cornell.  The very same black movement that says restricting opportunities for illegal aliens is bad are now calling for fewer opportunities for the wrong kind of blacks.

From The Daily Caller

Black Students United, a group for students identifying with the African diaspora, handed the university president a list of twelve demands, with one of them dealing with the disproportionate representation of African students compared to black students on the campus.

“We demand that Cornell Admissions to come up with a plan to actively increase the presence of underrepresented Black students on this campus. We define underrepresented Black students as Black Americans who have several generations (more than two) in this country,” the group stated in their demands, posted by Legal Insurrection.

Black Students United takes issue with the fact that there are more African and Caribbean students on campus when compared to black students. The group defines black students as those who come from black families that have lived in America for two or more generations. While the group said it doesn’t mind the university trying to recruit African students, they want the college to pay more attention to black students whose families have been affected by years of white supremacy.

“The Black student population at Cornell disproportionately represents international or first-generation African or Caribbean students. While these students have a right to flourish at Cornell, there is a lack of investment in Black students whose families were affected directly by the African Holocaust in America. Cornell must work to actively support students whose families have been impacted for generations by white supremacy and American fascism,” the group wrote.

The demands come after the alleged assault of a 19-year-old black student who claims he was beaten and called the “N” word.  Blacks on campus blamed the attack on the Psi Upsilon fraternity, which has been suspended over the incident.  The black group wants the university to take the frat house and give it to them to use as they see fit.

19-year-old Cornell student John Greenwood has been charged with third degree assault.  The problem is that no John Greenwood is listed as a member of Psi Epsilon.  The national chapter of Psi Epsilon may remove the chapter from its rolls, even though it’s yet to be declared responsible for the incident if it really happened.

It’s a shame but because of all the faked incidents over the past few years, you cannot take it on faith anymore that such an occurrence happened.  I now wait until the investigation is over before condemning any one or any group and you especially have to take care when one group of blacks are prejudiced against another group of blacks.


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