Black Lives Matter Thugs Assault Whites at Dartmouth

blm thugs

Black Lives Matter thugs, both black and white, who are funded by George Soros and his Democracy Alliance and who are approved by the Democratic party, rioted at Dartmouth in the university’s library.  They shoved whites against the walls and shouted racial epithets at them.  Now, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t this all start with 2 fake racial incidents at the University of Missouri?  And now they are protesting by being racist and assaulting people?  Where were the university police?

Protesters were trying to force students to get up from their table and move to the wall.  One girl was pinned up to the wall as a group of BLM thugs shouted racial epitaphs in her face, terrorizing her in the process.

The group of thugs marched through the library shouting insults such as, “F*^k you, you filthy white f*^ks!”, “F*^k you and your comfort!” and “F*^k you, you racist s#^t!”  One hundred of the thugs made their way through the library in what they laughingly called a protest.  Considering the cost of going to Dartmouth, it is unlikely that many of them are kept down by whitey.

Students were studying for their exams at the time of the mugging.  They went after people wearing gangster hats and Beats headphones, calling them oppressive.  I wonder if they know that one of the owners of Beats is LeBron James?  Last time I looked, he was black.

One protester wrote the following statement:

“We raised hell, we caused discomfort, and we made our voices heard all throughout this campus in the name of standing up for our brothers and sisters across the country who are staring terrorism and assault directly in the face.”

WTF?  Who were the ones shouting racial slurs and manhandling white students?  Who are the ones who spread terrorism in Ferguson, New York and LA?    The university should identify these thugs and expel them immediately.  But if I were you, I would not hold my breath.  I warned my friends that if the University of Missouri gave in to the demands of the malcontents, it would spread to every liberal college in the United States.

Let’s face it.  You can never win when you negotiate with terrorists.


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