Black Councilman Calls on Black leaders to Attack Police Officers


Kenneth Stokes, a black city councilman in Jackson, Mississippi  told WLBT-3 Eyewitness News that black leadership should get together and attack any police officer who enters the city of Jackson:

“What I suggest is we get the black leadership together, and as these jurisdictions come into Jackson we throw rocks and bricks and bottles at them. That will send a message we don’t want you in here.”

Stokes is angry that officers from other towns cross into Jackson during “hot pursuits”.  He claims they are putting children at risk.  It has long been established that police who are in hot pursuit (Suspect in view) can enter neighboring cities rather than allow them to get away.  Allowing someone to get away merely by crossing into another city would result in mad dashes by criminals, trying to cross into the next city and that would be much more hazardous, because many reckless drivers would remain free to flee again.

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He also believes that Jackson police should take the offending officers, doing their duty and locking them up.  Of course, doing that would also expose Jackson police, who are also chasing suspects into other jurisdictions.  That would lead to officers driving like maniacs in order to catch a suspect before they entered another city.

Here’s video of Stokes’ controversial comments

This is not the first idiotic statement from Stokes.  In March of 2014, the mayor of Jackson passed away in the local hospital.  Stokes insisted the mayor,  Chokwe Lumumba, did not die of cancer as was announced but was murdered:

“We gonna ask a question: Who killed the mayor?”

“We’d feel a lot better if there was an autopsy.  First they say it’s not a heart attack and not a stroke, then what was it? You don’t just die like that and you’re healthy.”

“So many of us feel, throughout the city of Jackson, that the mayor was murdered.  I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’m not going to try to say it in a way where the people feel, you know, that we should have said it in another way.”

According to local sources, Stokes is constantly making confusing remarks.  He represents the poorest district in Jackson.


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