Bill Nye writer whines about backlash after advocating deaths of ‘old a*s conservative white men’

On the afternoon of the Alexandria shooting, when the world wasn’t sure if Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., would survive his wounds, Marcella Arguello, a writer for Bill Nye, the alleged “science guy,” tweeted that she would be OK with a few ‘old a*s conservative white men’ being shot if that passed gun control. After catching a great deal of flak for her offensive tweet, Arguello deleted the message and then played the victim card, whining about the response she received.

Although she deleted her tweet, it was captured for posterity:

Twitchy noted: “When will these people figure out that free speech doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences if you say something really stupid?”

Our guess is, never.

One person asked:

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Good question.

Bingo.  As we’ve reported several times, liberals across the country have expressed similar ideas, with quite a few wishing death on Scalise, whose only “crime” is holding conservative points of view on issues like marriage.

Scalise, by the way, was just one target of James Hodgkinson, the Bernie Sanders supporter who was shot dead as he tried to gun down a number of Republicans practicing for a charity baseball game.  According to reports, he was found with what appears to have been a hit list of six Republican House members, each of whom belonged to the House Freedom Caucus.

As many have observed, the shooting was the result of liberal hate egged on by irresponsible media and politicians.  Matt Miller noted Sunday that her original tweet was “yet another instance of the Left’s call to violence against the Right as well as the President.”

We agree.


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