Bill Maher: All Republicans are ‘treasonous rats’ — Video

During his monologue on Friday, HBO’s Bill Maher declared that all Republicans are “treasonous rats.”

“Forget Groundhog Day, the only large, ratlike creature I’m concerned about is Devin Nunes. This guy–his memo got released today. Of course, it’s not fair to single him out, all the Republicans these days are treasonous rats,” he said.

“Republicans, they did not like what the FBI was finding out about Trump. So, like the true patriots they are, of Russia, they attacked the FBI and the Justice Department because they’re biased. Yes, because they’re in law enforcement, and the Trump crime family commits crimes,” he added, while providing no proof of his claim.

“So, that’s what they are supposed to do. It’s like saying the exterminator is biased against the termites,” Maher said.

“Republicans talk about this memo like it’s some smoking gun piece of evidence that they uncovered. No, they wrote it! It’s not an intelligence document. It’s a Facebook post that you briefly skim before clicking unfriend,” he added.

Here’s video of his statement, if you can stomach it:

The Daily Caller added:

Maher isn’t the only media figure who embraced unhinged rhetoric after the release of the Republicans’ House Intelligence Committee memo that purported to show FBI surveillance abuse.

Donny Deutsch appeared on MSNBC Friday to say that people needed to start taking to the streets against Donald Trump, who he labelled a “dictator.”

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, meanwhile, said, “Let me paint a bleaker picture– it was posited to me from a former national security official, that he next Waco, the next time that federal law enforcement agencies are killed in the line of duty–that’s on Trump.”

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Deutsch also called for a revolution, no doubt hoping for an overthrow of the government.  And let’s not forget statements made by a former CIA counterterrorism analyst who once said the government is going to kill Donald Trump.

If enough to make one think that liberals really do want a second, bloody civil war over the president…


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