Bill Clinton Victim Kathleen Willey Hopes Hillary “Rots in Hell”

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kathleen-willey (1)As many of you may have heard (And just as many of you laughed about), Hillary defended sexual assault victims even though her husband is one of the biggest offenders in history.

Add to that, the fact that Hillary didn’t just set out to defend her husband, she is credited with trying to destroy the victims.  This may explain why she has dropped in the polls with women from 70% to just 40%.

Kathleen Willey spoke exclusively with Kyle Olson of The American Mirror.  As many of you remember, Willey says she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton on the same day her husband committed suicide.  (Never let a good crises go to waste?)

Hillary has posted a web ad, telling sexual assault victims that they have the right to be believed:

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