Bill Clinton: Trump’s supporters ‘your basic redneck’

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Clinton redneck
Bill Clinton mocks Trump supporters as “rednecks.”

The Clintons really do hate average Americans.  While speaking to a crowd of Hillary Clinton supporters at Palm Beach State College, former President Bill Clinton slammed Trump supporters as “rednecks,” the Daily Caller reported Tuesday.

“Look, man the other guy’s base is what I grew up in,” he said.  “You know, I’m basically your standard redneck.”

The audience responded with laughter.

Here’s video of his statement:

The statement comes after a leaked email revealed that Hillary hates “everyday Americans,” although some say campaign chair John Podesta was referring to the phrase.

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But the statement does reveal a certain arrogance and condescension against people with whom Clinton disagrees.

In short, as some might say, the former president was “putting on airs,” placing himself above those who support Trump and suggesting that anyone who intends to vote for the GOP nominee is a stupid, hayseed hick.

This also comes after Hillary referred to Trump supporters as “deplorables,” “irredeemable” and “un-American.”  She also referred to Bernie supporters as basement-dwellers and losers.

Face it, folks, these people hate your guts.  They’re not doing this because they care about America or average people — they’re doing this for power.

Remember in November.


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