BIG TECH TYRANNY: GOP Drafts Section 230 Reforms — But Will Democrats Let Them Pass?

With Psaki now openly admitting to cooperation with tech platforms to censor ideas that conflict with party talking points, it’s no surprise that reforms to Big Tech are a big deal.

Could it be that Trump was actually on to something when he was pressing the GOP to take action and consider this an issue of National Security? It’s a little late to anything about that now.

But we can still push for reforms. Cathy McMorris Rogers and Jim Jordan are doing exactly that.

From her website:

“Big Tech can no longer be allowed to hide behind Section 230. Today, we are releasing our solution to remove Big Tech altogether from Section 230 and put them under new obligations that will hold them more accountable for censoring Americans. It’s time to expose Big Tech’s bias and make sure they treat constitutionally protected speech fairly.” – Reps. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) and Jim Jordan (OH-04)

Big Tech is increasingly becoming a destructive force to our society as they continue to attack freedom of speech and the truth without consequence. They are silencing conservatives and speech that doesn’t fit the liberal agenda and orthodoxy. Cathy is joined by Representative Jim Jordan (OH-04) in releasing a discussion draft that:

-Removes large companies from Section 230 blanket liability protections.
Holds major platforms accountable for the decisions they make related to content moderation. Furthermore, any future protections they receive would only be related to speech not protected by the First Amendment.
-Empowers Americans to challenge censorship and deplatforming by requiring these companies to implement and maintain user-friendly appeals processes.
-Exposes censorship by requiring these companies to file quarterly disclosures that are made publicly available.
-Forces Congress to re-evaluate Big Tech’s behavior related to speech again in five years to ensure they are held accountable.
-Protects innovation and small businesses by targeting these new obligations only to large companies.
-As Lead Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, Cathy is leading a comprehensive package of discussion draft bills to hold Big Tech accountable by improving transparency and content moderation accountability, reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, promoting competition, and preventing illegal and harmful activity on their platforms.

“Big Tech has failed to promote the battle of ideas and free speech by censoring political viewpoints they disagree with. They also don’t do enough to keep our children safe or address illegal content on their platforms. Big Tech has broken our trust that they can be good and responsible stewards of their platforms. Today, Energy and Commerce Republicans are building on our leadership to hold Big Tech accountable.

“Guided by our Big Tech Accountability Platform, we are releasing discussion draft bills for Big Tech to be transparent, uphold American values for free speech, and stop their abuse of power that is harming our children. Our goal is for these drafts to lead to concrete legislation. Every Republican member of the Energy and Commerce Committee is leading on solutions, and I’m grateful for their hard work to drive meaningful and needed change.” – Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05)

To hold Big Tech accountable, Energy and Commerce Republicans unveiled solutions that will address:

-Section 230 Reform
-Content Moderation Practices
-Protecting Children from Mental Health Harms and Cyberbullying
-Improving Transparency
-Overall Accountability

Those are some interesting proposals.

There’s just one problem. Do the Democrats actually WANT reforms? Or are they happy to let Big Tech serve as a willing proxy for revoking conservatives’ First Amendment rights without it looking like it’s the government that is doing the suppressing?

Maybe that’s why Biden’s White House is every bit as packed full of former silicon valley employees as the news media is of former Democrat political staffers.

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