Biden’s New Rule to Save Federal Workers: Can’t Fire Them. Period.

"Trump-proofing" the Federal Workforce.

Over the last decade, it has become difficult to fire unproductive employees who are in the Federal government. One example is the plethora of VA workers who caused serious issues for US military veterans simply by being lazy. Because of Civil Service rules, it was extremely difficult to get rid of them. That problem is about to get worse, thanks to Biden’s new rule to save Federal workers from the big bad Republicans.  You know, just in case the GOP takes the White House in 2024.

Republicans have been talking about reducing the size of the deep state. Naturally, that has caused the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to react by putting in place protections for the 2.2 million Federal workers who are not in political positions.

New rule for Federal workers

The effort outlined by the Office of Personnel Management includes clarifications that federal employees can’t lose certain civil service protections unless they give them up voluntarily, and a provision meant to ensure that certain rules covering political appointees won’t be “misapplied” to career, nonpolitical workers, according to the agency.

It would also, in effect, make it tougher to shift federal workers to a classification status that would make it easier for the employees to be stripped of their civil service protections, OPM said…

The OPM’s proposal follows President Joe Biden’s move soon after his inauguration to revoke a Trump-era executive order that would make it easier to fire tens of thousands of federal workers by reclassifying them as essentially at-will employees. That order from Trump, called “Schedule F,” would form the foundation for much of the conservative remaking of the federal workforce, and Trump, as well as other contenders for the GOP presidential nomination, have said they would reinstate it. Stripes

Think about it: why would anyone, let alone Democrats want to preserve Federal workers who may be in positions to thwart any President from accomplishing their stated agenda? President Trump was constantly thwarted by what most call the “deep state.” Toward the end of his term, Trump sought to stop that problem by issuing “Schedule F” – which allowed those workers to be reclassified and ultimately fired. The rule never went into effect, and Biden pulled it immediately.

The leftist news media runs through this as though the original “Schedule F” was created to fire workers who refused to be ‘loyal’ to Trump. In fact, it was about having so many Federal employees who were either not doing their jobs at all or doing them in a way that harmed Americans. Former Trump officials have said they would be happy if the Trump plan were reinstated. Not so with Democrats. They are nearly delirious over the OPM’s new rule as a “speedbump” in the way of any changes to future Civil Service rules by a GOP President – and another controversy right in the middle of the Presidential campaign.

OPM’s newly proposed regulations, which will be published Monday in the Federal Register, seek to at least slow down a future administration from reviving Schedule F. It stipulates that when a federal employee’s job is converted from the competitive service to the excepted service, the employee retains “the status and civil service protections they had already accrued,” unless they voluntarily transfer into an excepted service position.

The proposal also establishes a narrow definition of “policy-related” jobs in the federal government, whittling it down to refer only to noncareer political appointments, and it grants federal workers the right to appeal any job reclassification that would result in the loss of civil service protections to the Merit Systems Protection Board.

“The proposal directly challenges what it is Schedule F was seeking to do, given the fact that so many conservative organizations are rallying around the effort to reimpose it,” he said. “It brings to a head in a sharp and powerful way a debate that was certain to happen anyway, but it speeds it up and puts it right in the middle of the presidential campaign. That’s a very big deal.Govexec.com

You see the plan? Create enough controversy over anything President Trump did or is doing or will do and you have a snarl that could create problems for all GOP candidates.



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Faye Higbee

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