Biden’s Green Energy Fraud- Lava Ridge (Part II)

Idaho fights back against the slaughter and wildlife impact

Are the Biden administration’s statistics on wind turbines fraudulent? According to wildlife biologist Jim Weigand, not only do wind turbines not produce reliable energy, turbines slaughter tens of thousands of our national birds and wildlife – protected species like eagles in particular. The wind turbines could also decimate local wells. The government is working overtime to cover it up by using statistics that reflect a lie. Idaho’s Attorney General Raul Labrador, however, is fighting back against Biden’s green energy fraud.

“There are few projects that have solidified such widespread opposition as the Lava Ridge wind development proposal, forced on the people of Idaho by the Biden Administration and an East Coast energy consortium.  They want to build a massive wind farm on federal land in Idaho’s beautiful Magic Valley and sell the generated power to California so they can run their air conditioners and charge their mandated electric vehicles.  All at the expense of Idaho’s farms, ranches, tribes, natural resources, and beautiful vistas, while turning Idaho into a giant windmill wasteland to power the Biden Administration’s radical green-energy agenda. 
The original proposal was for several hundred wind turbines at the Lava Ridge site, towering at over 700’.  These would easily be the tallest turbines in the nation, taller than the largest building in downtown Boise and even taller than the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The initial backlash against the proposal prompted the proponents to marginally scale down the size and scope.  Nonetheless, the problems with this proposal persist.
These towering turbines, still the tallest in the nation, would harm migratory birds and bats.  They would be built right on the migratory path for pronghorn antelope and mule deer.  The blasting required to install these behemoth turbines can result in coliform contamination or collapse in nearby domestic wells.  The turbines would be built on top of archaeological sites of cultural significance to our tribal nation neighbors, as well as casting an ominous shadow across the historical sites of Idaho’s Japanese internment camps of WWII.” Excerpt from letter by Raul Labrador

AG Labrador promises to use “every avenue” at his disposal to stop the development. As a reminder, government spokesperson Taylor Stone-Manning claimed there were about 200 positive comments about the Lava Ridge project…out of 11,000. This is a green energy fraud perpetrated against the citizens of Idaho that threatens our natural beauty and resources.

Biden’s green energy fraud

Jim Weigand has been a wildlife biologist for over 30 years. He has also been working to stop this development because the so-called “facts” in the Environmental Impact Statement are false.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

With fraudulent research and no accountability, the wind industry has been hiding over 90 percent of their turbine slaughter since 1985. Here are a number of articles I have written that clearly discuss the wind industry’s hidden slaughter:                                                      

The highest annual estimated bird mortality from wind turbines in the US is claimed to be no more than 573,000. This article analyzes the manipulation of a study conducted at a University around one large turbine. Read how this unscientific study relates to the fake US wind mortality estimate.      

Has annual wind turbine mortality to birds and bats reached 45 million? Yes, according to one study. http://www.windtaskforce.org/profiles/blogs/has-annual-wind-turbine-mortality-to-birds-and-bats-reached-45 

Jim told us that he has been able to stop some wind farms in various places in the US by using real facts based on scientific reports. He referred to the so-called science perpetrated by the government and media as “rigged science.” He wrote a letter to the BLM regarding the green energy fraud and shared it with us.

“The BLM without conducting a single credible study, exaggerated the regional golden eagle population many times over and hid the rapid decline of this species taking place in Idaho. EIS eagle numbers in the EIS, were even exaggerated beyond the numbers that existed decades ago. The golden eagle is a threatened species in Idaho and could even be an endangered species. The EIS hid this information…

The BLM’s Lava Ridge EIS did not cite a single scientifically credible bird or bat turbine mortality study.  Every mortality estimate given in the EIS is false because all of it is based upon fatally flawed research.  

Wind turbine research across America, with its contrived methodologies, has hidden over 95% of turbine mortality.  This pattern of false research has been allowed to take place for decades and to date, I believe this industry has hidden approximately 2 billion bird and bat fatalities. 

As for the USFWS, since 1995, they’ve been picking up thousands of eagle carcasses from wind farm freezers and shipping them to the Denver Eagle Repository. None of this activity or the origin of these carcasses was mentioned in the EIS.” Jim Weigand letter sent to the BLM and shared with Conservative Firing Line

Idaho is not just known for its lakes and streams – it is known for its eagles. People drive to this state every year to take photographs of the National Bird as well as its golden cousin. There are many other birds as well, from hawks to the state bluebirds that are in danger from the wind turbines. That’s not counting the other wildlife involved – let’s just say that these wind turbines threaten Idaho resources in a big way and provides no benefit whatsoever to the people of Idaho.



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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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