Biden says he was surprised to learn government records, including classified documents, were taken to his private office

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IT is impossible to calculate and list all of the grave, nation-altering damage accrued under the years-long control of the deep state Mafia, that is, unless truth-tellers exert a 24/7 effort ad infinitum. As it is, this investigative journalist makes a diligent effort to augment the heavy-lifting of others. As infamously coined by Hillary Clinton, a major she-devil, “it takes a village” — albeit, not in the way she meant it!

BUT just as one can count on the sun rising and setting, so to speak, there are particular trigger points that must be recognized to internalize what’s what, as well as what lies-in-wait.

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NOW that that is settled, is it always useful to possess a written examination of the facts at hand, that is, as presented by the Mockingbird Media — as they make a desperate attempt to ‘get in front of’ the mother-lode coming their way via a Repub led House investigation! Yes, an adjunct doc.

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President Joe Biden said Tuesday that he did not know that government records from his time as vice president, which included some classified documents, had been taken to his private office after he had left public service.

“I was surprised to learn there were any government records that were taken there to that office,” Biden said in response to a reporter’s question at a news conference in Mexico City, where he was attending a trilateral summit with the leaders of Mexico and Canada.

Biden emphasized that he does not know what is in the documents that were found at a Washington, DC office that he used when he was an honorary professor at the University of Pennsylvania. CNN reported earlier in the day that Biden and his White House legal team do not know what’s precisely contained in the classified documents because they did not review them, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

CNN reported Tuesday that among the classified documents are US intelligence memos and briefing materials that covered topics including Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom, according to a separate source familiar with the matter.

Biden didn’t know the documents were there, and didn’t become aware they were there, until his personal lawyers informed the White House counsel’s office, one source familiar with the matter told CNN. In explaining why Biden doesn’t know what’s in the documents, the source said the president’s team is wary of appearing to interfere given the Justice Department is still scrutinizing the matter.

The president’s personal attorneys found the documents in November when packing files, the White House has said, and then the counsel’s office notified the National Archives and Records Administration. Biden’s lawyers provided the documents to the National Archives the day after they found them and are still cooperating in the matter being reviewed by the US attorney in Chicago, according to the White House.

The president said his attorneys “did what they should have done” by immediately calling the Archives.

“People know I take classified documents, classified information seriously,” Biden added, saying that the documents were found in “a box, locked cabinet – or at least a closet.”

Fewer than a dozen classified documents were found at the office, another source told CNN. It is unclear why they were taken to Biden’s private office. The classified materials included some top-secret files with the “sensitive compartmented information” designation, also known as SCI, which is used for highly sensitive information obtained from intelligence sources. Federal officeholders are required by law to relinquish official documents and classified records when their government service ends.

In response to specific questions about why the Biden team did not disclose the discovery of classified documents in November at Biden’s private office, Ian Sams, a spokesman for the White House counsel’s office, said that they are “limited in what we can say” now because the Justice Department is looking into the matter, and “further details” may be shared in the future.

“This is an ongoing process under review by DOJ, so we are going to be limited in what we can say at this time. But we are committed to doing this the right way, and we will provide further details when and as appropriate,” Sams said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

White House downplays documents

The White House has convened a call with top allies to explain the investigation surrounding the classified documents, hoping to quell the growing criticism and questions about the discovery.

A White House official characterized the documents as “fewer than a dozen,” two people familiar with the call say, none of which are “particularly sensitive” and “not of high interest to the intelligence community.”

No written talking points were sent to administration allies – as is often the cases during an unfolding political crisis or key moment – but the call was intended to amplify the explanation released Monday night by the White House.

On the call, a top official reiterated how the president’s counsel notified NARA immediately.

The White House is still determining how much they can – and choose to – say about these documents, given the investigation and sensitivity. This was known to only a remarkably tight circle until news reports on Monday, aides say.

Biden tries to stay focused on summit

As the news of the classified documents quickly consumed coverage back at home, Biden was busy kicking off a highly anticipated bilateral meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, where immigration was expected to be among the top issues discussed.

As the moment was unfolding, one senior administration official traveling with the president told CNN that Biden had been in meetings all afternoon ahead of the extended bilateral meeting with his counterpart.

“Nothing has changed in his schedule,” the official said. “He’s focused on the summit and meeting with our closest neighbors.”

On whether advisers have discussed the issue of the classified documents during Biden’s visit to Mexico so far, this official said that as far as they were aware, it had not come up.

Seated to Biden’s left during his meeting with the Mexican president was Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has asked the US attorney in Chicago to review the matter, a source familiar with the matter told CNN, a process that is still in a preliminary stage.

The US attorney in Chicago, John Lausch Jr., was appointed by former President Donald Trump in 2017. Garland chose to have Lausch conduct the Biden documents investigation because he is one of two remaining Trump-appointed US attorneys and thus avoids the appearance of a conflict of interest because he wasn’t appointed by Biden, people briefed on the matter said.

Lausch has already completed the initial part of his inquiry, a source familiar with his work told CNN. He has provided his preliminary findings to Garland, the source said.

That means Garland now faces a critical decision on how to proceed, including whether to open a full-blown criminal investigation. Garland was also personally involved in some of the key decision-making related to the Trump documents investigation and the decision to send the FBI to search Mar-a-Lago.

A stark contrast between investigations into Trump and Biden

The episode has echoes of the scandal that enveloped Trump in late 2021 over scores of classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida during a raid by the FBI. However, there are some key differences between the two scenarios in the Biden team’s telling.

Sauber said Biden’s personal attorneys quickly turned over a small number of classified documents once they were found in a locked space. With Trump, when the National Archives realized key records were missing it was forced to haggle with Trump for months over the return of government documents.

The documents discovered in Biden’s office had never been sought or requested by NARA or any other government entity.

Trump eventually gave 15 boxes of materials back to NARA. But federal investigators later came to correctly suspect that he was still holding onto dozens of additional classified files. So, DOJ prosecutors secured a grand jury subpoena and later got a judge’s permission to search Mar-a-Lago, to find the documents. He is now under investigation by special counsel Jack Smith for potentially mishandling classified documents.

Ever since the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago in August – a search that uncovered dozens of additional classified files – Trump has promoted wild and unfounded allegations about his predecessors’ supposed mishandling of government records. The news about classified records turning up at Biden’s private office is sure to provide new fodder to Trump, who has already announced his 2024 presidential bid.

Trump’s lawyers see the revelation of the documents in Biden’s private office as a huge asset to their ongoing case related to his handling of classified documents after he left office, believing it showcases how easy it is to unknowingly take documents that are supposed to be in the possession of the federal government.

While the differences in the two incidents are stark, given Trump resisted turning over the documents he took, his team plans to highlight how these documents were found days before the midterm election but nothing was said publicly about it……continue reading the entire dog and pony show here…..

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