Biden Now Trying To Ban “Racist” DATA, Claiming Information, By Itself, Represents White Supremacy

(Natural News) It is a fact that black people commit the bulk of shooting crimes in the United States – and blacks also represent the majority of shooting victims. But the Biden regime wants to ban the data that illustrates this, calling it “racist.”

Whenever a dataset creates an “imbalanced” outcome, meaning it points to a “minority” group other than whites being the culprit in something bad, the Biden regime has announced that such data must be denied and eliminated because it stands to “incorporate historical bias in the decision-making process.”

Put another way, any data that casts a negative light, or results in negative repercussions, on blacks or some other non-white demographic, the Biden regime wants it to be made illegal.

joint statement from the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, the Department of Justice (DOJ), the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reads as follows under the “Data and Datasets” section of “Automated Systems May Contribute to Unlawful Discrimination and Otherwise Violate Federal Law:”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

“Automated system outcomes can be skewed by unrepresentative or imbalanced datasets, datasets that incorporate historical bias, or datasets that contain other types of errors. Automated systems also can correlate data with protected classes, which can lead to discriminatory outcomes.”

(Related: Remember back in 2020 when the corporate-controlled media claimed that any criticism of Kamala Harris is a form of “racism and sexism?”)

Everyone other than whites are a “protected class” in the U.S., the Biden regime admits

The aforementioned four federal agencies say they plan to fix these “errors” by monitoring the development and use of automated system to “promote responsible innovation.” What they mean by this, of course, is that if it makes non-whites look bad, it is to be removed from the official government datasets.

“We also pledge to vigorously use our collective authorities to protect individuals’ rights regardless of whether legal violations occur through traditional means or advanced technologies,” they further claim.

In other words, if incriminating data hurts a non-white person’s feelings, then the Biden regime has pledged to remove and ban it. This is the future of America under “woke” Marxism, which is ultimately leading to white genocide.

“However, it’s highly doubtful our government officials will hold back on publishing datasets that paint white people in a negative light,” warns Revolver.

“Americans must have access to all the information in order to make informed decisions and hold our leaders accountable. When they start suppressing data just because it might offend someone, we’re basically sacrificing transparency for political correctness.” This will actually be vey detrimental to these communities.

In the comment section, someone posted a meme showing a giant Black Lives Matter (BLM) painting across a thoroughfare, along with the following statement illustrating the lunacy of today’s politically correct, anti-white dogmas:

“Only in America can an ethnic group have black awareness month, black holiday, black-only colleges, black-only dating sites, black-only bars and clubs, black entertainment network, and turn around and call everyone else racists.”

Another wrote that there is quite clearly a very serious problem in America today with “black privilege,” which the Biden regime now admits is real.

“‘Racism’ is just a hate slur against white people that anti-whites hide behind to carry out white genocide,” wrote another.

“Exactly,” responded another. “That is why the slur is NOT in my vocabulary. I NEVER use it. It is nothing but a Bolshevik tool for slandering anti-communists, going back to the days when it was used by Trotsky … The fact that some ‘conservatives’ embrace the word tells you what they are unknowingly and mindlessly ‘conserving’ from their Marxist indoctrination since birth: BOLSHEVISM.”

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