Biden Executive Orders – The One Day Blitz

A few decades ago America slid toward Marxism in her institutions. Schools and Universities switched from education to indoctrination. The media has always been a little left leaning, but it jumped from objective reporting to biased, vicious attacks that were sensationalized to harm their intended victims. The Big Tech censorship was only the beginning. Now we have the Biden Executive orders – it was a one day blitz of signatures.

biden executive orders
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Biden Executive orders – Undoing what President Trump accomplished in one day

So how’d we get here?

Fake Election and brainwashing: You’re not “woke” enough

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

In the weeks leading up to the Capitol Hill protest, claims of election fraud weren’t just ‘unheard’, they were actively suppressed with the media refusing to even air remarks by President Trump and administration officials on the subject. Tech companies censored any questions about the election. Elected officials took to describing such conversations as ‘sedition’ and the media deemed them ‘disinformation’ and called for even heavier censorship of the internet.

Daniel Greenfield

Facebook’s “fact-checkers” are left wing radicals that align with Mark Zuckerberg’s ideas. The same goes for YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Google chooses what it wants to show you in its search engines and buries the rest. They can deplatform at will unless you have your own platform and the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to create it. Batten the hatches – it will get worse. The Biden executive orders are only the beginning.

Totalitarian “unity”

Selective enforcement (read that, weaponized actions) by Federal agencies will become far more commonplace than we’ve seen in the past. Make no mistake, as a matter of policy, ordinary people are now the “enemies of the state” and compliance is the “unity” they prescribe.

The effects can be seen throughout society. Americans, regardless of their income, demographics, or social stature are being fired from jobs, getting stripped of access to basic services such as banking and social media, or having their businesses crippled for voicing political opinions and belonging to a designated political underclass. Access to sources of information unsanctioned by the regime is becoming increasingly difficult. Some figures of power and influence are sketching the next step, labelling large segments of society as “extremists” and potential terrorists who need to be “deprogrammed.”

…The most dominant among the current ideologies stem from the so-called “critical theories,” where the perfected society is defined by “equity,” meaning elimination of differences in outcomes for people in demographic categories deemed historically marginalized. The goal is to be achieved by eliminating the ever-present “white supremacy,” however the ideologues currently define it.

While such ideologies commonly prescribe collectivism, calling for national or even international unification behind their agenda, they are elitist and dictatorial in practice as they find mankind never “woke” enough to follow their agenda voluntarily.

The Epoch Times

The idea of the Biden executive orders is the promotion of “unity” – but two cannot walk together uness they be agreed. And we do not agree with the ideology behind what the Democrats plan.

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