Biden Campaign Urged To Use AI To Make Senile ‘President’ Appear Competent – While Labeling Real Videos Showing His Cognitive Decline “Deepfakes”

(Natural News) We seem to be living in an upside-down world, where artifice is presented as reality and truths are dismissed as frauds. Nowhere is that more evident right now than in the way that Biden supporters are trying to trick Americans into thinking that the geriatric president actually belongs in the White House rather than a memory care facility.

It wasn’t long ago that the Biden campaign started pushing social media platforms to suppress videos showcasing his very real cognitive decline. They were apparently hoping they could keep these videos from surfacing in people’s feeds the same way they silenced those who dared to speak out about vaccine dangers during the pandemic. And if that didn’t work, they had another trick up their sleeves: labeling videos of some of his more glaring gaffes as “deepfakes” despite being legitimate news footage. This was on full display when they tried to dismiss actual footage of him acting confused at the G7 summit in Italy, a D-Day commemoration in France and many of the other occasions when he just couldn’t keep his act together as being digitally altered.

Now, as the pressure piles on in the wake of his deeply unsettling debate performance, Biden’s supporters now appear to be shifting from calling real videos fake ones to creating fake videos out of real coverage that make him seem a lot sharper than he is.

On Wednesday, the pro-Biden Huffington Post published an article calling on Biden’s camp to take advantage of artificial intelligence technology to create fake videos in which he looks and sounds like a healthy human being whose brain in functioning in a perfectly normal way.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Quoting Biden’s admission following the debate that he “might not walk as easily or talk as smoothly I used to,” they suggested that he get help from AI with this problem. The author of the piece, Democratic commentator and nonprofit advisor Kaivan Shroff, warned ominously that “the consequences of not taking this approach could be dire.”

Since Biden often struggles to put words together in a way that makes sense, he pointed out that “AI augmentations and video renderings could serve to smooth out these bumps while allowing the Biden campaign to effectively disseminate true information.”

Tricking Americans is perfectly ethical if it keeps the “right” candidate in office, advisor claims

The irony of his own words appears to be completely lost on him when he goes on to say that these fake videos could actually help stem misinformation.

“In a world where misinformation and disinformation spreads virally, often through short-form video content, having the capability to produce polished, articulate responses in real-time could be a game-changer,” he wrote, somehow deciding that a perfectly reasonable way to convince Americans that footage of Biden being confused is fake is by generating an AI version of the president telling them so.

He goes on to say that although there are ethical concerns about AI renderings of the president, the possibility of Trump winning the election is so dire that deceiving people is somehow acceptable if it will get the “right” candidate in office.

“It is incumbent upon the Biden campaign to use every tool available to make sure the president’s reelection bid is successful,” he stated, and it wouldn’t be surprising if his definition of “every tool” (and that of many liberals) extends beyond AI to include ballot stuffing, absentee ballot fraud and social media censorship. In their minds, it’s perfectly okay – and perhaps even noble – to bend the law, put ethics aside and deceive the public to ensure Biden retains power.

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