Biden Bypassing Congress and Americans Consumers to Make Sure Only Superrich Can Afford a Car

Joe Biden is trying to use his outsized and unconstitutional power to create waves of expensive and needless regulations to effectively outlaw gas-powered cars and force everyone into electric vehicles.

According to the New York Times the anti-democratic Biden fascists are looking to eliminate sales of gas-powered cars by the year 2030 with regulations that will cause more than half the country to lose the capability to own a car at all.

The reason for this disgusting abuse of his regulatory power is to push useless electric cars that are ill-suited for widespread use. But, the regulations will also cause cars to cost more then $80,000 new and will totally eliminate the used car market, meaning few Americans will be able to afford to own a car at all.

In most cases, markets grow with very expensive prices to begin with and cheaper prices as time goes on and manufacturing catches up to technology and demand. This will not and cannot happen with EVs. An electric vehicle averages at $60,000 new. This price cannot really go down because of the materials they are made of. The battery packs, especially, are made of rare earth products that cannot go down in price. In fact, they can only go up because it is not a renewable resource.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Most financial advisers say that you should never buy a car that costs you any more than 30 percent of your annual income. The median income of Americans is just over $70,000 a year. That means more than half the country could not afford a $60,000 to $90,000 car and they would be eliminated from ever owning their own vehicle if only EVs were available for purchase.

Meanwhile, the average cost of a new gas-powered car is around $45,000. And many are less than $30,000 for a non-luxury model. And used cars are even more affordable at under $20,000. While still income consuming, these prices put most Americans into a car of their own and gives them freedom of movement.

Biden wants this to end.

But make no mistake. He also knows that there are not enough natural resources in the world to replicate the full scale of today’s auto industry but in EVs instead of gas cars. He knows damn well that car makers cannot manufacture the millions of cars that they do today if the only option they have is to make EVs.

He also knows that few Americans could afford these cars even if it were possible to manufacture as many EVs as they now make in gas cars.

The truth is, Biden wants only the superrich to be afford to own a car… any car.

Biden and the rest of his anti-American ilk want us removed from the ability to get around at will. They want us reliant on public transit, they want us removed from suburbs and rural communities and jammed into mega cities, all because that is where they can better control our lives.

Oh, they will pretend it is for “the climate.” But they are lying to you. They don’t care even a tiny bit about “duh earf.” They care only about taking away your rights and fully controlling your every move.

Do not doubt this.

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