Beware of Liberals Bearing Gifts for 2016

harry-reid-vine-mocks-republicans-shutdownThey’re at it again.  Liberals are feigning fear of establishment candidates they feel certain they can beat.  The latest liberal hero (actually heroine) is Carly Fiorina.

In total this week, liberals are making the case that Fiorina, Rubio and Bush are the candidates that liberals fear most.  It’s no coincidence that all three favor amnesty for illegal aliens, the very issue that has fired up conservatives all over the country.  All three also favor retaining anchor babies.  That also is no coincidence.

Remember in 2008 when the liberal press and strategists declared that John McCain would be poison to Obama and in 2012, Romney would sweep Obama in the election?

Many conservative voters stayed home those two years, especially in 2012, when 4 million conservative voters stayed home.  In fact, liberals have had a lot of success using the same strategy in the races down the ticket.

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In 2010, Harry Reid had a 41% approval rating and looked to be in trouble.  His backers gave 2 million to Sharron Angle in the primaries and liberals expressed fear that she would win.

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