Better late than never: Politifact says Rafael Cruz not man in photo with Lee Harvey Oswald

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cruz1On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump angered many when he repeated the National Enquirer’s claim that a photo places Ted Cruz’s father with Lee Harvey Oswald just before the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity also let Trump repeat the claim as though it were true.

Politifact, however, said it ran a facial recognition scan on the grainy black-and-white photo in question, and the man next to Oswald is not Cruz.

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Between this and other outlets that have debunked the crazy theory, it should be clear by now that Cruz played no role in the murder of JFK.

Twitchy noted:

As long as we’re taking conspiracy theories seriously, check out the timestamp on PolitiFact’s tweet, showing that it was posted after the first polls had closed in Indiana. Who knows how many votes could have been salvaged if this important information had been brought to light even a few hours earlier.

Some, however, still want to point a finger at Cruz:

Of course, this is all moot at this point, now that Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race.


How low, indeed…

Exit question: Will Fox News and Sean Hannity apologize to Cruz for letting Trump push his thoroughly-debunked conspiracy theory?


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