Berlin Sets up New Years Eve “Safe Zones” for Women Who Get Assaulted

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin- photo via Wikimedia Commons/Thomas Wolf

Berlin, Germany, is planning New Years Eve “safe zones” for women who have been sexually assaulted during the celebrations. They are places where  women can receive “counseling” and speak to a psychologist if they’re attacked. But as usual, the government’s ideas may not reflect reality, and will likely do the opposite of what they think. And not everyone think’s it’s a great idea.

According to Stripes, Germany has enacted tougher laws. They’ve added more CCTV cameras around Berlin in particular. They’ve increased police presence. But does this mean Germany has actually accepted sexual assault as a “normal” way of life? The head of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, said that such an acceptance could mean “the end of equality, freedom and self-determination.”

In the last two years there have been mass sexual assaults by migrants on women who ventured to several local celebrations: New Years Eve 2015  in Cologne, Germany, for example saw 600 women attacked, and in Hamburg, 400. Concerts, too have left women as major targets for migrants.

About 2,000 migrants were involved in the Cologne incident, but after a year later, only about half of them had been identified. By the time the information was released to the public, Germans who had welcomed the migrants suddenly turned against them. The amount of sexual assaults dropped, but the problem still exists. The problem is the migrant population – a culture dramatically different and brutal compared to the western one they have come to.

Social engineering of a new norm(al). #Berlin & #Germany used to be at least a reasonable “safe zone” for women. Now we should corral women in order for them to feel “safe.” O tempora o mores!

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SafeZones 4 women during NewYearsEve #Berlin?! protecting women from lascivious looks & sexual assaults is a rule of Islamic culture,not of our society!

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Women only zones at this year’s #newyearseve celebrations in #Germany because of the mass importation of 3rd world savages who like to hold down teenage girls and gang rape them in public.#Germany #muslimsareunited #rape #Berlin #SaveEurope

The Women’s Zone. New Year’s Eve. #Berlin. Party like it’s 1864.

You know you’ve been diversified when #Berlin has to provide ‘safe zones’ for women.

#Berlin to set up ‘women safety area’ during New Year’s Eve celebrations after mass sexual misconduct in previous years

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