Berkeley police chief: Need to discuss ‘providing space’ for Antifa terrorists

During an interview that aired on KPIX, Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said Sunday there is a need to have discussions about “providing space” for Antifa terrorists who routinely beat Trump supporters and anyone else they think is a “Nazi.”

“And the question has to be does it make sense to get into a major use of force over a grassy area. The need to separate, very much managed. It’s a little early, we will take a look at what happened today but it doesn’t make sense to fight over something where the conditions have changed. The need for separation simply didn’t exist. And we’ll review the operation and once again learn from what we did. And that’s pretty much all I have to say for you now,” he said in the interview.

“And as far as I am concerned there are some deep discussions that need to happen within our community about providing space for Antifa and some of the folks we saw here today,” he added later in the segment.  “The conversation is nowhere near done.”

In short, as this Twitter user correctly noted, Greenwood is basically giving a green light to Antifa violence.

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One person suggested giving Antifa space in local prisons.

But that makes too much sense, and this is Berkeley, after all.

No, they aren’t and they proved that again on Sunday, as CBS reported:

Thousands gathered Sunday in response to a planned anti-Marxism protest that was canceled amid concerns demonstrators might be attacked. The counter-demonstration was largely peaceful for several hours until the antifa, or anti-fascists, overran police barricades around the protest area. The violence was swift but brief, and among those targeted was Joey Gibson, leader of the right-wing organization Patriot Prayer that had called off a demonstration a day earlier in San Francisco.

And once again, police stood down:

Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said officers were told not to actively confront the anarchists. He applauded officers’ restraint, saying it forestalled greater violence. Six people suffered injuries, including two who were hospitalized, and one officer was injured while making an arrest and several others were hit with paint.

According to CBS, there were 13 arrests on various charges including, assault with a deadly weapon.

CBS added:

“The potential use of force became very problematic” given the thousands of peaceful protesters in the park, Greenwood said. Once anarchists arrived, it was clear there would not be dueling protests between left and right so he ordered his officers out of the park and allowed the anarchists to march in.

There was “no need for a confrontation over a grass patch,” Greenwood said.

A number of videos showed the violence by Antifa terrorists:





“Berkeley police might as well put on masks and join Antifa at this point,” Paul Joseph Watson said on Twitter:


As for the victims of Antifa violence, KCRA notes:

Police detained Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson at the protests. The SFGate reported he was handcuffed after being chased by a mob of demonstrators who took swings at him and pepper sprayed him.

The crowd began to diminish around 3:30 p.m., six hours after a march led to the protests. The event was one of several rallies that had been called for Sunday in Berkeley, a day after a controversial freedom rally planned by Gibson in San Francisco fizzled amid throngs of counterprotesters.

Got that? Freedom and opposition to Marxism is “controversial.”  Welcome to 1984.

A White House petition calls on the federal government to name Antifa a domestic terror group.  That petition, which can be seen here, has been signed by over 310,000 people.  It’s long past time for the feds to follow New Jersey’s lead and declare Antifa a terrorist group.

Exit question: Does John McCain, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio agree with this terrorism against American citizens?


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