Benghazi comes back to haunt…and rightly so

missile3The Obama so-called ‘phony scandal’ known as Benghazi keeps getting more and more interesting, as it now seems that 400 surface-to-air missiles were “diverted to Libya” during the attack and fell into the hands of “some very ugly people,” according to one of the lawyers representing one of the Benghazi whistleblowers.

400 surface-to-air missiles gone ‘missing’…NOT good folks as we now know that Obama had 35 armed CIA operatives in Benghazi that fateful night, and that they were ‘working’ on (smuggling is more like it) an under-the-radar hush-hush operation to supply said supposed ‘missing’ missiles to the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels. And these were the very same missiles discovered missing from Libyan armories…hmmmm..

400 armed CIA operatives on the ground in Benghazi who did NOTHING to help save Ambassador Stevens and the others, and 400 missiles ‘missing’ from Libya’s armories…

NO ‘phony scandal’ here…direct grounds for treason is more like it.

And you can bet that these missiles…surface-to-air missiles with the capability of bringing down an airliner…are now in the hands of al-Qaeda itself NOT in the hands of any ‘supposed’ rebels. And this is what Benghazi was about…this was (I believe) Obama’s plan all along…a plan to arm the enemy for America’s enemies are his friends and allies…blood brethren and blood ties are stronger than any allegiance to America in Obama’s eyes.

‘Aiding and abetting the enemy’…life in prison or the firing squad…either one will do.

And I have said this since day one…before any of the political pundits and tag along politician said so in public…said that Benghazi was all about guns and weapons running…said it because the pieces of the puzzle were easy to put together…that is for those of us NOT blinded by the ‘anointed ones’ liberal media created aura.

And now that very same liberal media…Obama PR people in actuality…are trying to spin this to once again deflect the truth and consequences away from this Obama ILLEGAL weapons running operation…and the CIA is complicit in this. Claiming that these now in the spotlight ‘missing’ missiles were either going to be used to shoot down an airliner…or that one of the shoulder-held missiles could be used to shoot into an embassy…is the story de jour that the media is force feeding us as the reason why Obama ordered the closing of all those the US embassies last week.

The media can spin this anyway they want but they NO longer can hide the fact that missiles were being stored in the Benghazi embassy compound and that information was indeed ‘leaked’ out (by Obama himself perhaps) about those missiles, and that in and of itself is all the proof needed as to why the compound was attacked in the first place…as in ‘the weapons are yours (meaning al-Qaeda) after you silence Stevens’.

Not just murder but cold-blooded targeted assassination.

Seven hours the attack went on…seven long hours with 35 Obama sanctioned and armed CIA operatives right there on the grounds of the compound doing NOTHING… obviously ordered to ‘stand down’..seven hours and four dead Americans with surface-to-air missiles now in the hands of the enemy…treason thy name is Obama.

And so the plot…the lies…the cover-ups…thickens…a plot hatched by Obama and crew to hide their weapons running and fed into and aided along by the media…the media who happily follows in lockstep with their monstrous creation.

And they started their cover of Obama way back when he gave…against our Constitution’s War Powers Clause…anti-aircraft missiles to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, thus kicking off the whole nightmare that came to known as the Arab Spring. And now that very Obama controlled liberal media wants us to believe that CIA operatives were in Benghazi to try to get those weapons back…’We the People’ are NOT that gullible…at least we patriots are NOT.

Bottom line…Barack HUSSEIN Obama deliberately and with malice towards the Unites States of America turned a US embassy into a weapons smuggling warehouse…a warehouse supplying our enemies with stolen heavy weapons from the Libyan government arsenals…weapons supplied by both Obama himself and from Qaddafi’s left-over stock of about 20,000 portable heat-seeking missiles (SA-7 surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles)…missiles that are now in the hands of al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels if NOT al-Qaeda itself.

But the question still remains did Ambassador Stevens know about this weapons running and was he going to go public with it or was he part of it…I prefer to believe the former as it seems he was targeted to be taken out and someone complicit would NOT need to be taken out.

And so it comes full circle with everything this administration does leading back to Benghazi…every motive…every cover-up… everything…with every other scandal paling in comparison to Benghazi…and NO other scandal can bring Obama down like Benghazi can.

Now if only the liberal media would get on board with the truth and stop covering and lying for this most miserable of men, because with the media’s help Barack HUSSEIN Obama could be arrested, tried, convicted, and sentence carried out for treason…and the liberal media could drop the liberal before its name and get back in the good graces of ‘We the People’ again.

Just something I wish they would think about…


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