Ben Carson is Unfit to Be President..One Race Baiter is Enough

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BCarsonBen Carson is unfit for president.  I’m awaiting the incoming.  But I don’t care.  After 8 years of Obama, we don’t need another president dividing the whites and the blacks and stirring up racial tensions.

Oh sure, he told an audience that we need to scale back the open confrontation between races, but at the same time he said that Officer Darren Wilson should have not shot Michael Brown.

With that statement, he paid his ticket fee to Black Lives Matter.

You can make the case that some police shootings are not necessary and you can on rare occasion make the case as race playing a part.  But there is no way under the sun to make that case in the justified shooting of Michael Brown.

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This is just another in a long line of issues that Carson tries to play from both ends of the candle.  he’s done the same thing on illegal immigration and defense of the Second Amendment.  He’s not an outsider, he is a typical politician.

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