Ben Armstrong: FBI Overthrew America, Allowed Dems To Steal Elections (Video)

(Natural News) According to the New American magazine’s Ben Armstrong, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) overthrew America and allowed the Democrats to steal elections.

“It is so clear that no one can deny that the FBI is the one who overthrew America and allowed the Democrats to steal the election,” he said during the Dec. 16 edition of his program “The Ben Armstrong Show.”

“They have been trying to overthrow America ever since Donald Trump became president. Everyone knows it, but now the evidence is so high that it is clear the FBI is a threat to the Constitution.”

According to Armstrong, the FBI has succeeded in overthrowing the country – though it is probably not the first time the agency did so. He added that the federal government, most especially the intelligence agencies, is 100 percent corrupt.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The podcaster remarked that even though the FBI succeeded in overthrowing the federal government, the country has not yet collapsed as the 50 states still have the power.

Armstrong pointed out that the FBI finally showed its true colors when Trump won as president. Even before Trump became president, the federal agency had been illegally spying on his campaign. This espionage continued throughout his administration.

Moreover, the FBI tried to rig the 2016 elections in favor of Hillary Clinton, but did not expect Trump to get as many votes as he did. This eventually led to the Democrats launching a political coup, accusing Trump of colluding with the Russians. The “Russiagate” coup fell through. (Related: Trump goes on offense, says it was the FBI that actually ‘colluded with Russia.’)

In spite of Trump’s popularity in 2020, the FBI and the Democrats were much more prepared. They were able to shut the election down in key swing states and rig the polls to ensure a Joe Biden victory.

FBI controlling MSM, Big Tech firms

Armstrong also accused the mainstream media (MSM) of colluding with the FBI and Democrats, saying that media outlets were reporting whatever the FBI was telling them. He added that the FBI was controlling everything that was getting through Twitter, Facebook and other social media companies.

“All their informants are from the FBI. All the lies they reported about Russia collusion they were getting from FBI agents. Off-the-record FBI agents were meeting with these reporters.”

He also recalled the FBI lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) courts and used the media to cover up their lies in their attempt to overthrow a sitting president. According to Armstrong, the FBI was trying to correct the mistake they made by underestimating Trump and they were able to do it by helping the Democrats steal the 2020 presidential election.

Moreover, the FBI played a significant role in the Capitol riot, which Armstrong said was a setup against Trump supporters.

The host noted that the FBI believes that Make America Great Again (MAGA) people are their political enemies. “It’s not even about the party system. MAGA is the enemy of the FBI. That’s how it’s viewed in Washington, D.C. The FBI runs it all. They are the kingpin,” Armstrong said.

The FBI instigated the attack at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) exposed this during a Senate investigation in early January this year.

Armstrong also pointed out that the Democrats are getting away with money laundering in Ukraine, and these corrupt politicians have millions of dollars because the FBI was not arresting a single politician for corruption. The heads of the FBI themselves are multimillionaires as well because they are protecting the racket of corrupt politicians, he added.

Watch the full Dec. 16 episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show” below.

This video is from The New American channel on Brighteon.com.

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