Barf alert: Schumer, McCain hold lovefest after voting to destroy America

mccain_schumer_whisper_APAfter voting to destroy America with the latest version of amnesty, a.k.a. the Gang of Eight immigration bill, Sens. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. and John “McRINO” McCain, allegedly a Republican, gathered to speak with reporters.

Schumer introduced McCain as “my pal, this great, great leader.”

He went on to say McCain is “so strong and so tough.”  Of course, McCain is only tough with Republicans and conservatives.

On Thursday, the Senate voted 68-32 to pass amnesty.  fourteen Republicans joined every Democrat in voting for the bill many have said would effectively ensure a Democrat majority for years.

Others say it will destroy the country.

Here’s the video, courtesy of the Gateway Pundit.  You’ve been warned.

This guy needs to be run out of the Senate.


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