Barbara Boxer blatantly lies about Hobby Lobby ruling

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boxer2In the ongoing effort to appeal to her low-information voter base, Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., placed a photo on her Facebook page that blatantly lies about the recent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling.

The photo, shown below, falsely claims that birth control pills are no longer covered while Viagara is.  Of course, Hobby Lobby covers the pill along with 15 other forms of birth control.  It’s only four forms of abortion-inducing drugs Hobby Lobby does not cover.  But facts mean nothing to Democrats like Barbara Boxer.

boxerliesNaturally, people let her know just how off-base she is:

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lies1These are just a few of the responses lying liar Boxer received.

One person summed it up rather nicely:

liar2We concur.


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