Barack Obama Grants Commutations to 40 Cons Serving Life Sentences

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Barack Obama, currently serving as the alleged President of the United States, has decided to grant 94 commutations of sentences and threw in two pardons to boot.  Forty of the commutations went to prisoners serving life sentences in federal prisons.  That is more than the previous four presidents combined.  Not many details were released about the prisoners but one aspect seems particularly hypocritical.  At the same time that Obama wants to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens, he is releasing 16 prisoners who used guns during their criminal acts.

Fifteen of the those being released used guns during the commission of drug crimes and one used a gun to rob a bank.  Unlike lawful citizens, these criminals will always be able to buy guns and to use them.  It also provides another example of how often Obama lies to the American people.

Here is a statement Obama made on incarcerations in the United States:

“A primary driver of this mass incarceration phenomenon is our drug laws—our mandatory minimum sentencing around drug laws. And we have to consider whether this is the smartest way for us to both control crime and rehabilitate individuals.” 

“When we’re looking at nonviolent offenders, most of them growing up in environments in which the drug traffic is common, where many of their family members may have been involved in the drug trade, we have to reconsider whether 20-year, 30-year, life sentences for nonviolent crimes is the best way for us to solve these problems.”

So, answer me this: “How is it possible to classify the use of a gun during the commission of a crime to be nonviolent?”  The same president who has tried to take guns away from veterans is now trying to justify drug dealers that used guns as nonviolent.  He tried to make veterans appear to be more dangerous than felons who actually committed crimes using guns?  Seriously?

Obama is dumping illegal aliens who kill Americans, Syrian terrorists who want to kill Americans and now criminals — almost half of which are lifers who could kill other Americans.  Does anyone else see a pattern here?


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