Banker Don King says Twitter account hacked after tweet calling for Melania Trump to be beheaded

Don King banker behead Melania Trump
Don King — Twitter

On Monday, Don King, a senior banker with BNP Paribas, came under fire after an online threat calling on ISIS to rape and behead Melania Trump went public.  After the tweet was issued, he made his account private and said his Twitter feed had been hacked.

Here’s a screen capture of the original tweet:

tweet melania

He later claimed his account was hacked:

His account is now private:

King - private

This isn’t the first time the incoming First Lady has been the target of liberal hate.  As we reported Sunday, a liberal protester was seen with a sign calling for her to be raped.

Jim Hoft noted the obvious: “Could you even imagine if someone posted this tweet about Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton?”

We don’t need to imagine.  We already know…

Exit question: Where’s the Secret Service?

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