Ban Gas Stoves: The Latest Foolhardy Attempt by Biden Administration

Destruction of the restaurant industry?

The Biden administration is considering a ban on gas stoves, echoing the fight that began in 2019 in California that resulted in numerous cities banning them. The state law was passed in September of 2022 to ban them by 2030. Yes, you guessed it, it’s all about “climate change,” only this time they’ve added a “link to asthma” as an excuse. Gas stoves are considerably more efficient than electric, but the “experts” are hot on the trail to control everyone. This latest move has brought backlash across social media, but as we are aware, social media can make noise, but is hardly the answer to problems.

The proposed ban would affect any new buildings. If you plan to open a new restaurant, or even build a new one when you’ve had one previously, you would be prohibited from using gas. The requirement to use electric stoves means that with a flick of a switch, the government can turn off your livelihood. The ban also extends to the private sector.  If you like your gas stove, you can keep it…you just can’t get another one. The restaurant industry is concerned that it will destroy them.

California was the first to cause an uproar by passing a ban on gas stoves back in September:

Big flames licking the bottom of a pan while a cook gingerly sautés a dish are familiar images conjured at the mention of a gas stovetop. Professional chefs and home cooks alike have come to rely on gas ranges to properly prepare favored foods from Korean BBQ to flambéed baked Alaska. So, when the Los Angeles Times published an article about California’s growing ban on gas stoves, fans of open-flame cooking became understandably distressed.

The Daily Meal notes that professional chefs prefer cooking over an open gas range because the ideal temperature can be reached faster and is easier to control. They’re also cheaper to maintain and can be used with a wider variety of non-specialty cookware. Many cooks attribute the flavor profile and texture of signature dishes directly to the open flame of a gas range and say that cooking on an electric stove is an incomparable method.”  Tastingtable.com

Now the Biden administration is considering a ban as well because the dreaded “fossil fuels” are being accused of causing asthma and other health issues.

The “dangerous pollutants” claim as fodder to ban gas stoves:

AOC attacked Rep Ronny Jackson (R-TX) for saying that he would never give up his gas stove.  She claimed that the Nitrous Oxide emitted from them cause diminished cognitive ability. Others on Twitter slammed her back- “How many gas stoves do you have?” and “Dems are literally insane.”

It was a great comeback. The point is, numerous organizations such as the Institute for Public Integrity, and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission are stating that nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide from gas stoves are causing health issues.

For an industry struggling to recover from Covid lockdowns, this seems like a final blow to restaurants if the ban goes into effect. Add to it new homes that want gas piped in and you get a recipe for disaster. And it isn’t real science, it’s simply real control.

“With electric stoves, first of all, our bills will go six times higher. And then on top of that, our productivity drops. This isn’t just going to hurt the restaurant hospitality industry. It’s going to hurt real estate development.” Stratis Morfogen,  New York restauranteur


Situations like this are the inspiration for a new novel to be released on Amazon in the coming months — “2035: Lights Out.”  Stay tuned to the Conservative Firing Line for updates.


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