Author Joyce Carol Oates: Christianity ‘virtually synonymous’ with white nationalism

Joyce Carol Oates ChristianityOn Thursday, Twitchy reported that fiction writer Joyce Carol Oates attacked Christianity on Twitter, claiming that it is now “virtually synonymous” with white nationalism.

“Those (of us) who could not believe in Christianity as a religion nonetheless believed that its tenets & ideals were noble, profound. But what has happened to Christians in recent years! Virtually synonymous w/ white nationalism in many parts of country,” she wrote in two tweets.

Say what?

That’s putting it mildly.

Twitchy noted:

“Gross” being the operative word. Hate to break it to you, Joyce, but accusing others of bigotry rings awful hollow when you’re such a blatant bigot yourself.

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Oates’ animosity towards Christianity is nothing new.  In an interview published by Playboy magazine in November 1993, she said:

“I’m not a person who feels very friendly toward organized religion. I think people have been brainwashed through the centuries. The churches, particularly the Catholic Church, are patriarchal organizations that have been invested with power for the sake of the people in power, who happen to be men. It breeds corruption. I found going to church every Sunday and on holy days an exercise in extreme boredom. . . .

I’ve never felt that anyone who stands up and says ‘Look, I have the answers’ has the answers. . .

How can people still be superstitious, still believe in nonsense and astrology and grotesque demonic religions of every kind, every fundamentalist religion crowding us on all sides?”

Scratch a liberal, find a Christophobe


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